Chaco Tours

Learn more about our tour options for visiting Chaco Canyon, a place of mystery:

Chaco Canyon Tours:

Chaco Canyon Day Tour | Every Saturday March through October

Transport into another world, at Chaco Canyon. Journey to this UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Park, where highly organized large-scale multi-storied structures were constructed by the Chacoan people from 850 A.D. to 1250 A.D. Chaco dominated the area for more than four centuries and the remnants of the complex infrastructure and architectural development can be experienced while the Ancestral Puebloan culture can be studied and contemplated.

Chaco Canyon Glamping Tour | Equinox & New Moon Dates

Experience this major ancestral Puebloan center of migration, grand construction, and cultural integration by glamping overnight within Chaco Canyon’s majestic boundaries. Explore the Great Houses, hike connecting trails, witness celestial events, and enjoy a non-light polluted sky. Dive deep into the mysteries of Chaco and get an in-depth perspective without forsaking comforts, with this luxurious journey.