Travel in New Mexico Nourishes Wellness

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Many travelers want to maintain or even enhance their personal wellbeing when they travel. Travel can be an opportunity to focus on nurturing the soul, spirit, body and mind. It makes sense if you’re taking a break to hit the refresh button, that you should incorporate rejuvenating healthy practices and tune into your body’s needs.…


Eight Reasons You Should Visit Albuquerque

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Eight Reasons You Should Visit Albuquerque By Heritage Inspirations Guide Bobby Gonzales I moved to Albuquerque fourteen years ago to go to school and I liked it so much, I never left. New Mexico is a state like no other in the U.S. and is truly special, and while most people use Albuquerque as a…


New Mexico’s Northern Mountains Benefit from a Rich Cultural & Artistic Heritage

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Northern New Mexico’s Early Cultural & Artistic History The earliest New Mexico inhabitants, the ancestral Puebloans, left artifacts and petroglyphs throughout the region and these primitive artists created images and designs that represented their spiritual practices and relationship to their natural surroundings. Their earthen architecture used basic sustainable materials, proving long-lasting and resilient to the…


Tackling the Outdoors as a Beginner

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By Heritage Inspirations Guide Sally Pryor Sally is Heritage Inspirations newest guide and she enthusiastically leads an introductory overnight backpacking experience in the glorious Enchanted Circle North of Taos. She believes backpacking allows you to know the power of your body and challenges you to experience the elements, thereby giving you wings to grow. For…


The Tapestry of Taos Artisans

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Wandering the streets of downtown Taos we walk on imperfect roads where many artists have walked before. Roads full of wondrous stories where the famous, infamous, and little known have already treaded. Every crack in the sidewalk is a sign that someone of significance walked this way and it’s what makes Taos’ art colony completely…


Why Do Women Travel?

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Why Do Women Travel? On International Women’s Day, we want to focus on women and travel. More and more women are traveling, whether alone or in groups, and here at Heritage Inspirations we’ve been contemplating what drives this female desire for travel. It’s become a common theme in the travel industry – women are traveling…


Floating on Snow in the Taos Backcountry

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Winter invites a different kind of discovery because of the silence blanketing the ground, allowing us to see things we might not have noticed in other seasons. When the trees and land get covered in white, they highlight and illuminate the texture, form and shapes of nature in poetic majesty. I must admit, this is…


Living with Mystery | Guest Reflections from Glamping in Chaco Canyon

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By John Anning | Emerald Hills, CA Reflections of Chaco Canyon by our inspirational guest, John Anning who joined us on our September 9th-10th, 2018 Chaco Canyon New Moon Glamping Tour. They tell you about the 16 miles of rutted dirt road. We are headed to Chaco Culture National Historic Park from Albuquerque. I have…


Taos’ Mystical Splendor Inspires an Active Glamping Experience

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Taos’ Mystical Splendor Inspires an Active Glamping Experience All I can see is the wild sagebrush sprawl out across the Taos Plateau. The fragrance invigorates my soul and plucks the wild within me. What I mean is the wild at heart within me, tugging on my soul to travel deeper towards this earth. The mother earth who…