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Are you yearning to dig deeper into New Mexico’s cultural and environmental mystic that enchants so many? Has her vibrant heritage and landscape weaved its spirit into you yet? Well, at Heritage Inspirations we intimately know and love the adventure, art, culture, heritage and wild places of New Mexico and our mission is to share not only enthralling immersive experiences with you but take you beyond the ordinary tourist route and transcend traditional boundaries with authentically curated New Mexican excursions.

Heritage Inspirations provides you all-inclusive guided itineraries, introducing you to the people, their voices and stories, the history, the cultural sites, the traditions, the magnificent landscapes and natural wonders, which when combined amplify the magic and make New Mexico incredibly special and unique. With us, you’ll journey into the heart of local culture, truly connect to the land and its diverse inhabitants, and feed your soul with unparalleled and transformative experiences.

Our exclusive tours are spreading throughout Northern New Mexico and are offered daily, from half-day to full-day trips, with all your meals, activities, lodging, transportation and comforts thoughtfully anticipated and provided. These outings navigate the Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos regions and their periphery, and we’ll gladly conduct custom and private tours upon request.

We’re able to promise a high level of service because we do pint-sized intimate tours, with all trips allowing between 2 to 12 guests maximum (we can accommodate private larger group tours upon request). By keeping things small, we can focus on each participant and oblige particular interests while ensuring safety and comfort for each individual. Thus, fulfilling our purpose to provide exceptional service and unmatched experiences.

We’re dedicated to you, our guest. We trust you will walk away knowing why this is called the Land of Enchantment when you take a tour with us. Cruise around this website and explore our tour options and add an immersively curated guided tour to your New Mexico travel plans – join us off New Mexico’s beaten path today!

“I think New Mexico was the greatest experience from the outside world that I have ever had. It certainly changed me for ever…. But the moment I saw the brilliant, proud morning shine up over the deserts of Santa Fe, something stood still in my soul, and I started to attend.”

~ D.H. Lawrence

Angelisa Murray, Owner & Guide

Angelisa MurrayI can remember the first adult road trip I took to Taos in my early 20’s. Even back then I felt something spiritual about the land. The dramatic skies seemed to evoke a sensation that longed to become intimate with the evident mystery in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. I spent over seventeen years of my life as an active travel guide exploring and wandering all over the world, and yet no matter where I went, New Mexico called to me.

I spent a few years living in the quirky and quaint towns saturated by unforgettable characters in Pecos, Madrid, Santa Fe and now Taos. This is my home and after spending years excavating and learning from this wild place of heritage, culture and natural wonder, there is no greater inspiration to me than to share it.

Part of that may be due to this region’s connection to my heritage. Just north of Taos the surname Espinoza, my maiden name’s lineage, can be tracked from southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley and extends throughout northern New Mexico. In Taos, there is an intersection with the cross streets, Espinoza and Maestas, which are my grandparents surnames. This is a constant reminder how blessed I am to share in this culturally rich land through part of my family’s ancestry.

Roots in Taos - Grandparents Names

Working for over a decade as an active travel guide for a variety of premiere adventure companies, I guided others to experience the local beauty, culture and adventure activities of many special places. For most of those guiding years, I fortunately spent a majority of my time developing expertise here in the Land of Enchantment, through biking, hiking, rafting, fly-fishing, climbing, skiing, and learning about the geology, culture and history, which abounds throughout this state. The people you meet here have lines on their faces that tell many stories. They make you laugh and cry, they teach you, they sing to you, they share their colorful stories about eclectically living here, but probably one of the most inspiring truths is that everyone here practices art or some creative outlet on the side.

New Mexico is one of those places that is often overlooked or even mistaken as a foreign country. Many people think of this state as flat, brown and dry. It’s true, there are definitely those places that force solitude and silence amongst the sage flats, the gypsum sand dunes and the arroyos, but there is nothing dull about this vast landscape.

These tours I’ve developed are about unveiling the other truths that are often not known or seen, like the wild diversity of over 10,000-foot mountains saturated in aspens, hemlocks and wildflowers in rich green meadows, while only 30 miles to the west the land is painted in oranges, pinks, reds and whites. Monumental rocks and earth are layered and stacked, eroded and split open, just awaiting the artist’s canvas. There is so much to share here it’s inspiring! Your New Mexico trip will change you and welcome another pace of life, even if just for a few days.

My name is Angelisa Murray and I’m the owner of Heritage Inspirations LLC. I have partnered with Heritage Hotels & Resorts, New Mexico’s most distinctive cultural hotels. Our team would love to host you on an authentic experience and creative sojourn here in New Mexico and imbue the spirit of New Mexico in you, that has so attracted us. I look forward to sharing many of the secrets of this colorfully dynamic, diverse, spiritual and multicultural place with you!

Enjoy this article written about Angelisa on TaosStyle.net: “Angelisa’s Inspirations”

Our Inspired Guides

Tonia Prestupa, Santa Fe Guide

Tonia Prestupa

Over 25 years ago, Tonia first visited Santa Fe from LA as a seasoned fashion designer. She came for a UCLA artist’s tour, but little did she know she would unexpectedly find a mecca of international dealers selling curated treasures. Immersing herself in the many art galleries, Puebloan ceremonial costumes and architecture, she discovered exquisitely decorated personalities, buildings and interiors, all embellished with cultural and global flair. Tonia was entranced and immediately felt at home.

After successfully becoming one of California’s top ten fashion designers she moved her business and atelier to Santa Fe, whereby she continued to discover the meeting of world cultures. Tonia’s fashion designs were inspired by the unique gems she could find here, things like hand loomed textiles, antiques, unique ethnic jewelry, gorgeous traditional clothing and far away accessories. The bonus in her treasure hunting was that the search added an in-depth richness to her Santa Fe living experience, which is exactly what she intends to share with Heritage Inspirations guests. Tonia says “it is my deepest pleasure when guests develop a personal connection to New Mexico and all its diverse, startling beauty. I hope they will return again and again.”

Join Tonia on her specialized immersive expeditions, she exclusively guides the Historic Architecture & Interiors or The Santa Fe Fashionista Santa Fe walking tours.

Noah Blessey, Santa Fe Guide

Noah Blessey

Noah’s love for New Mexico was born the minute he laid eyes on the landscape in 1996 after his family relocated to Santa Fe from the East Coast. His own relocation to The City Different in the early 2000s further developed his love and respect for the diverse cultures of Santa Fe and allowed for full exploration of The Land of Enchantment. Careers in the business world sent him off to Northern California, Colorado and back to the East Coast, all the while New Mexico was calling him back. His dream of returning became a reality in early 2018, whereby we were honored and excited to grab him as a tour guide so he could share his enthusiasm, knowledge and appreciation of all things New Mexican with our guests.

A world traveler, whose preference in exploring the planet’s more exotic cultures and landscapes include traversing the dusty roads of Namibia, winding on a road bike through the Tatra Mountains of Slovakia, hiking the national parks of Madagascar, engaging with local villagers in the Sundarban Islands of India, and enjoying the beaches of Sri Lanka. His passion for exploring the world at large and the majority of the United States has only solidified his belief that New Mexico is one of the most unique places in the world.

Join Noah as he guides you on two of his most favorite and beautiful hikes in the area: Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks and Bandelier National Monument.

Lesley Evelyn Morgan, Taos Guide

Lesley Evelyn Morgan

When Lesley visited New Mexico for the first time in September of 1997, she felt she had entered a magical new world. She was immediately hooked on the expansive blue skies, endless sunshine, and high desert environment and found herself moving to Taos the next year to pursue her love of art and the outdoors. By working in a local artist’s studio as well as in a Bent Street gallery, she was able to intimately connect with the local art scene and quickly get her finger on the pulse of Taos’ art communit

Lately, preserving Taos’ historical art colony story has been her passion because she sees the artists and their creations as the uniting foundation behind this exciting, unique and different community. Lesley effuses when discussing Taos, “The diversity of cultures combined with the mixture of backgrounds keeps Taos exciting! Everyone here is truly an artist and they’re constantly exploring the beauty of their surroundings as well as their souls. I can’t wait to share this ever-evolving Taos art story, and the characters behind it, with you!”

Join Lesley on our Taos Immersive Artisan Walking Tour or our Taos Half Day Cultural Tour.

Bobby Gonzales, Chaco Canyon & ABQ Guide

Bobby Gonzales

Having grown up in the Northern New Mexican village of Pojoaque, Bobby found himself frequently outside making playgrounds out of alfalfa fields and hiking nearby bluffs and hillsides. One of his fondest childhood pastimes was replicating mini handmade sun-dried mud bricks for Pojoaque’s adobe structures. That unique architecture, plus the abundance and variety of cultures and traditions, make up New Mexico’s foundation. As Bobby says, “New Mexico is magical because of its traditions in architecture, artwork, food and the passing down of stories from generation to generation, that are all reflective of our natural surroundings. I still love getting my hands dirty and it’s apparent that I have always loved this land.”

Now living in Albuquerque after traveling the world, he finds New Mexico has always been his home and there is still much to discover and explore here. He loves having the opportunity to share a slice of New Mexico and continually looks forward to showcasing his love for New Mexico with newfound friends. You’ll definitely experience Bobby’s passion for New Mexico and get an insider’s perspective with his tours.

Bobby has specially formulated the Mezcla de Culturas and El Bosque Chiquito tours for Heritage Inspirations and leads Chaco Canyon day trips.