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Albuquerque Regional Tours:

Albuquerque may be small to most city dwellers but it’s the big city to New Mexicans with Bernalillo County housing more than one-third of New Mexico’s total population. Thus, Albuquerque is the heart of New Mexico’s economy and acts as the primary transit hub going in all directions. Sitting smack dab in the middle of a dry plain with the artery of the Rio Grande pulsing through it, it exudes a small-town vibe. Heritage Inspirations showcases Albuquerque by offering an exclusive walking tour that studies the mix of old and new in the Old Town area as well as a biking tour along the Rio Grande into the nearby water managed agrarian districts. If you have a day to get outside Albuquerque’s boundaries and into the rural wilds of New Mexico, then try our Chaco Canyon day tour or go to El Malpais for an otherworldly lava shaped spelunking experience.

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Chaco Canyon Day Tour | Every Saturday March through November

Transport into another world, at Chaco Canyon. Journey to this UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Park, where highly organized large-scale multi-storied structures were constructed by the Chacoan people from 850 A.D. to 1250 A.D. Chaco dominated the area for more than four centuries and the remnants of the complex infrastructure and architectural development can be experienced while the Ancestral Puebloan culture can be studied and contemplated.

Mezcla de Culturas: ABQ Sawmill District & Historic Old Town Walking Tour | Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday

A two-hour walking tour of Albquerque’s Historic Old Town and Sawmill District. Mezcla de Culturas means “the mix of cultures” and this immersive tour celebrates the history and influence of Albuquerque’s 17th century Old Town’s history, neighbored with the vision of New Urbanism’s mixed-use blend of shopping, arts, entertainment and residential purposes. This tour focuses on the living history of old buildings as well as repurposed old buildings reinvigorated for current-day life.

Duke City E-Bike Tour | A Cycling Cruise through the Cultural Arts District of Albuquerque and the Historic Barelas Neighborhood | Every Wednesday & Friday

Join us on a 3 hour relaxing E-Bike cruise to explore the public art that brightens our wonderful city. Explore and immerse yourself in the heart of the “Duke City” a.k.a. Albuquerque honoring honor of the viceroy of New Spain, the 10th Duke of Albu”r”querque. On the route you will discover dozens of bronze, steel and wooden sculptures, mosaic wrapped walls and fresco murals.

El Bosque Chiquito: Rio Grande Valley Agricultural Half-Day Bike Adventure | Every Thursday, Saturday & Sunday

This cycling adventure goes along the Rio Grande river, into the heart of the agrarian heritage and water management system of Albuquerque’s Rio Grande Valley. Cycle nearly 6 miles to visit community-based farms, including Los Poblanos Inn & Organic Farm, and the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park. This biking tour introduces acequia water management and historic farming practices, that allow this arid land to be agriculturally based.

El Malpais Hiking & Cave Tour: An In-Depth Exploration of New Mexico’s Badlands | Every Wednesday & Saturday

In the badlands of New Mexico, this day tour will explore a 627-foot cave and go into an otherworldly adventure of 115,000+ year old lava formations, lava caves, tubes and trenches. Learn about how ancient volcanic events shaped this rugged landscape. Then, climb into the cave with headlamp and helmet to explore the twisted rocky surface below, thereby proving and experiencing why New Mexico is nicknamed the Volcano State.

Acoma & Jemez Pueblo Special Events | Specific Days, See Calendar

Many Puebloan holidays and special events are intertwined with Catholicism and Native American spiritualism. So, these special events are an amazing opportunity to witness the combination of Puebloan ceremonial dances, traditional Catholic religious rites, and Indigenous celebrations filled with food and crafts. These tours will go into the heart of either Acoma or Jemez Pueblo, in order to provide a grand opportunity to see this intermixing of Catholic beliefs and Puebloan traditions, providing an enchanting, spiritually oriented, once in a lifetime experience.