“Journey Within”
A 3 Day & 2 Night Taos Glamping Adventure

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2022 Calendar Dates & Alignment:

August 12th-14th Perseid Meteor Shower

$1550 per person + tax | Single Supplement Private Tent Per Night Fee $199 pp

We meet at 1:00 PM in Taos’ El Monte Sagrado Resort on Day One and return to the same location at 2:00 PM on Day Three.

Optional Activities Included: Yoga | Hike | Stand-up Paddleboarding or Kayak

TAOS | Far Away from the Everyday

Get your glamp on in Taos and immerse yourself in Taos’ grandeur! Experience the glorious and majestic Sangre de Cristo mountain rimmed horizon with a high elevation air and sky that makes it seem like you can touch the stars. Fill your senses with fragrant sagebrush, piñon and juniper after a summer monsoon and watch for rainbows arching across the sky. Scour the dark night sky for meteor streaks and take in a star filled expanse of the Milky Way. Enjoy the best view from a hot shower perched above the winding canyon. All while glamping in this rugged landscape in an all-inclusively equipped and thoughtfully prepared tour that anticipates your comfort and enjoyment.

Your intention will be to relax, slow down, be inspired, and nurture yourself while exploring Taos’ wild environments.

This is your journey to CONNECT to the earth, water and sky. To focus on your breath and deeply BREATHE in the clean fresh air, with the option of enjoying guided outdoor yoga. To ENERGIZE on the hiking trails that meet at the merger of the majestic Sangre de Cristos, the Rio Grande Valley and New Mexico’s Colorado Plateau. To INDULGE in the organic yet lavish elements of farm to table crafted meals and luxurious glamping tents.

Plus, one thing about our Taos Glamping tour that amazes all of our guests, is the astoundingly crisp clear non-light polluted sky. As artificial light increasingly lessons our ability to commune with the Milky Way and our glowing star-filled Earthly ceiling, most of us have lost an important astronomical connection. Thus, we had the dazzling idea to incorporate undiminished star viewing, with possible flashes of meteor brilliance, by scheduling all of our Taos Glamping tours with the new moon, while the August tour will have the added benefit of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower.

Photo credit ©Michael Spear Hawkins.

in our immersive Taos glamping experience.

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DAY ONE | Journey into the Rio Grande Valley

On day one, we’ll meet at 1:00 pm in Taos at El Monte Sagrado Resort lobby. We’ll pick you up and drive you out to the edge of the Rio Grande Valley, where you’ll be astounded to see the Rio Grande Gorge in all her glory. This stunning 50-mile-long and 800-foot-deep tectonic chasm literally appears to have fractured the earth and split her in two.

We start with a Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) board or Kayak lesson on the Rio Grande’s Orilla Verde section of the river. First off, we’ll get your feet wet surrounded by the Rio Grande del Norte National Monuments’ canyon walls all around you. You’ll be amazed by the scenic towering multi-hued basalt walls, while your guides prepare you for your SUP or Kayak adventure. Enjoy your connection to water while paddling within a landscape rich with color and texture.

Enjoy the first evening adapting and acclimating to the high desert, above 7,000 ft, in the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument, on the edge of the Rio Grande Gorge Valley. You’ll soak in the sunset with a yoga class, indulge in a nourishing farm to table style meal, and then overnight in a luxury canvas glamping tent among wild fields of sagebrush. In Native American beliefs, sagebrush purifies both spirit and space, so let the fragrant sagebrush saturate your senses and provide some pinon aromatherapy.

Then, with the incredible Milky Way ribboned above your head, watch the sky for meteors and puzzle out the constellations.

Savor. Connect. Indulge the Night Sky.

DAY TWO | Hiking & Yoga in the Rio Grande Valley

Enjoy an optional early morning yoga guided class before breakfast.

Today, we’ll hike into the Rio Grande Valley and learn more about this dramatic geological rift zone of ancient basalt. Our trailhead starts at 6,400 feet, offering breathtaking scenery along the 2.4 mile La Vista Verde Trail. Catch views of the Taos Box, an 18-mile stretch of up to 900-foot cliffs and huge rapids that empty at the historic Junction Bridge. Today’s hike sets an intention to immerse yourself in this wild landscape while unwinding from your daily life.

Next, after you’ve worked up a sweat, we’ll go down into the belly of the Rio Grande Gorge to the water’s edge and meet up our local partners, the New Mexico River Adventures team and you’ll see why they pride themselves on full-service amenities and easy access to your water voyage. You’ll have your choice of a kayak or stand-up paddle board (SUP), which also means your tour group members can mix and match their river transport medium.

Upon meeting your River Adventure guide, you will have a safety and orientation talk, preparing you for either your novice or experienced river journey. Your guide will carefully select a section of river for you to forge an unforgettable experience – mild to wild – the choice is yours. Luckily for you, the Rio Grande is the perfect destination for all water enthusiasts because it offers a cross section of abilities.

Finally, we enjoy our decadent Chef prepared lunch at Vivác Winery paired with local New Mexican wines. Vivác, a Spanish term meaning “high-altitude refuge,” is a family love affair of handpicked New Mexican grown grapes, known by Wine Enthusiast Magazine as the Highest Rated Red Wine Producer in New Mexico’s History.

Following our river adventure, we go back to our glamping camp and enjoy free time with canyon views before optional restorative yoga to stretch any tightness from the hike. Then we indulge in tasty, healthy appetizers and drinks before a gourmet farm to table meal. And, retire again to night sky viewing and good conversation.

Before dinner, you’ll enjoy the option to collect sage and piñon to make your own smudge stick. A smudge stick aligns with our Taos Pueblo heritage. Smudging or the burning of sacred herbs is a common practice in many healing ceremonies and shamanic traditions and it’s used as a way of purifying and/or cleansing a space of negative energies or influences. This vibrational energy protects the physical and spiritual bodies, while the fragrance releases healing properties, and is often used in ceremonies. Your herbs will be tied into a bundle and allowed to dry to make a “smudge stick” for you to take home.

Savor. Connect. Indulge the Night Sky.

DAY THREE | Horno Bread Baking at Taos Pueblo

Rise and shine! Enjoy optional sunrise yoga before our last gourmet breakfast, pack up your belongings, and head into Taos for your horno bread baking experience.

Horno baking ovens are domed adobe outdoor structures that Northern New Mexican Pueblos have been using to roast meats, cook stews and bake goods, for centuries. You’ll get guidance from a Taos Pueblo member on how to work the dough and bake your loaf, which you’ll get to take with you. Plus, you’ll walk through the Pueblo to see their artistic perspectives and view their traditional Puebloan way of life.

We’ll have one last gourmet lunch before making our way back to Taos for our farewells with a 2:00 pm return to Taos’ El Monte Sagrado Resort.

We know Taos will touch you, inspire you, and make you surrender to her higher, unspoken but deeply felt, calling. And that is exactly why we developed this glamping experience because we want you to experience the way we live, as well as know and surrender to the mythical magic of Taos. If you want to bask in the magic of Taos, NURTURE and ENERGIZE yourself in the resplendent outdoors, CONNECT to your body and your soul, and INDULGE in good fun with luxurious surroundings, then this tour is for you – book now!

Don’t miss out on this enchanting immersively curated guided tour with Heritage Inspirations!

Book now, as these tours are space limited and sell out fast.
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What is Glamping?

Glamping is one of our deepest passions because it combines remote outdoor experiences, with luxurious camping facilities, so you do not have to forsake pleasure and comfort while experiencing our great, but hard to reach, outdoor locations. It’s a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of the world, like in the Rio Grande Gorge and Valley, without having to sacrifice creature comforts. You can enjoy a fusion of glamour and camping, glamping, while authentically experiencing the most awe-inspiring night sky of the Taos Plateau in a comfortable canvas tent, with non-camplike amenities, such as foam pad bedding, bedside table and canvas chairs. Glamping in luxury while doing sunset yoga, eating farm to table fresh meals, and connecting within and without – it can’t get much better than that!

All activities are designed to meet you at your level, either expert of beginner. For our Stand-Up Paddle Boarding experience, we join expert guides who will offer you a safe, adventurous and informative opportunity to quickly adapt to your board and paddle.

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Up to 30% off your Room Rate, tax plus fees at our partners El Monte Sagrado Room, for either pre or post tour nights.

Up to 30% off your Room Rate, tax plus fees at our partners Palacio de Marquesa, for either pre or post tour nights.

We invite you to enjoy the views out your luxurious glamping tent, eat healthy decadent meals we prepare for you, sweat and savor the landscape through organized guided yoga, hiking and stand-up paddle boarding.



Josh was born in Exeter, New Hampshire but moved to Taos, where he grew up, when he was only 1 year old. He left New Mexico after high school to pursue his dreams of being a ski bum, and traveled around Utah, Colorado, and eventually Washington state. After a few years of being a ski bum, he changed directions and began working in restaurants. Josh worked his way up in the restaurant world through several fine dining establishments in the Seattle area. This work experience served as his training in the culinary world to eventually become a Chef.

After changing careers and training in the culinary industry, Josh’s work led him all around Washington and eventually to Napa California.  While in Napa Josh ran a catering company called Smoke Open Fire Catering. The premise of the company was to cook in front of the guests, using only local meats and vegetables, on an open fire and in a rustic outdoor setting. These dinners were often held at wineries and served as extravagant wine paired meals.  “I got to work very closely with not only the wineries, but with the growers and farmers in the area, to create these unique experiences that combined a rustic feel with the refined quality of a fine dining experience. The experience is similar to what we create with the glamping excursions at HI” Josh explains.

In 2018, he decided it was a good time to move home to be closer to his family and the places he loves the most. His favorite things about New Mexico are the outdoors and all they have to offer: majestic mountains, rivers, lakes and deserts are all his playground.  He also has a pretty severe green and red chile addiction. His passion for both the outdoors and for the local flavors of New Mexico led him back to Taos. After cooking and working as Sous Chef at Medley in Taos, he met Angelisa and found HI and knew it was a perfect fit! Josh guides our Taos Tours, Glamping Excursions, and Culinary Outdoor Adventures.



Kari wants to help clear your mind of can’t and inspire you to find your best self both on and off the mat. A Yoga and Fitness Instructor based in Taos, NM, Kari was led to yoga as a compliment to athletic endeavours in her youth and her teaching began as a process of answering other people’s inquiries about a practice she found more from than just a good stretch. In an effort to advise, Kari sought deeper training in yoga and yoga philosophy and that opened the door to so much more. Her Yoga schooling began in Mysore, India under Yogacharya Barath Shetty, a disciple of B.K.S. Iyengar, in the IndeaYoga Practice where she earned her first teaching certificate in 2012. IndeaYoga combines Hatha, Ashtanga, and Iyengar styles including elements of meditation and breath work with movement aimed at improving mobility, balance, and self awareness.

Further studies led to a focus on body specific care such as: Hip Bliss, Shoulder Recovery, Myofascial Release, and Yoga and the Aging Body. Kari challenges her students to develop strength and resilience through awareness and to get stale energy moving through and out of the body with classes such as Yoga for Stressed Bodies, Fundamentals for all Level yogis, Cardio Yoga Sculpt, Vinyasa Flow, Mindful Morning, Restore & Relax and more.

Kari particularly likes to work with yoga nay-sayers to show them how the practice can keep us doing the things that we love.



Return Revived and Refreshed with a one hour service focused on invigorating the skin and stimulating the body’s self healing mechanisms. We blend  wild-crafted, indigenous plants, and flowers with aromatic nourishing oils, inspired by the high desert, to create a lasting impression.  The body is exfoliated with triple milled desert salts, to clarify and draw out toxins; completing the treatment is a customized massage using cedar wood and sage, butter cream. – $140 + tax and gratuity

Or Choose an Express Massage. 30 minutes dedicated to your areas of heightened awareness (AHA’s) – $85 + tax and gratuity