Manko (Come Eat)! Experience Puebloan Cuisine & Culture

Where | Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos

When | February Sunday 10th, 2019 from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

What | Traditional and seasonal foods of Taos Pueblo, prepared by Chef Ray Naranjo with local Taos Pueblo Artisans & Storytellers

$99 + tax per person | Gratuity not included

Don’t miss this unique first-time opportunity!

Join us for an authentic evening to experience and taste our Taos heritage and unique Puebloan culture. Taos Pueblo is home to one of three New Mexico’s World Heritage UNESCO sites, a Native American community known for the multi-storied adobe buildings, being over 1,000 years old and the most northern of the 19 pueblos from Albuquerque to Taos. The community closes its doors annually in early spring to visitors. Due to the respect for the community and traditions,we have crafted this special cultural evening to offer an insider view of Puebloan life at the world renown Millicent Rogers Museum. MRM has been a key component in the caretaking of some Taos Pueblo’s most precious art and archeological collections, it would only be appropriate to have MRM host. While tasting traditional foods, meeting local native artisans and listening to stories you will learn about the historical and present relationship between the people who contribute to the unique story of Northern New Mexico and all its beauty. We hope that upon your next Taos visit you will have the opportunity to personally visit the village of Taos Pueblo.

From permanent to moving exhibitions of MRM, the multi-cultural voice of Taos’ Native, Hispanic, Anglo Artisan worlds are illustrated to give a step into the past and acknowledge the present artistry. As a proud partner of the Taos Pueblo, a collaborative effort brings Taos Pueblo talent to the annual Taos Pueblo Winter Showcase. In addition, a permanent exhibit of Jonathan Warm Day, a local Taos Pueblo artisan, storyteller and author who will join us to share more about his work and personal story of life within the pueblo.

We are excited to donate 10% of our proceeds from this evenings dinner to MRM endowment to continue the good work they cultivate through their educational programs and the insider illumination of local art.

Honoring his roots, Chef Ray Naranjo comes from the pueblo community of Santa Clara. He believes in preserving tribal food ways and advancing the ancestral knowledge of his people. With the use of modern and tribal cooking techniques, he attempts to push the limits of what is known, unknown and forgotten about his indigenous North American food culture. Chef Ray obtained his culinary degree and has 25+ years of modern kitchen service industry experience, including exclusive hotel and casino resorts in the Southwest. He’s had various titles ranging from Executive Chef to Food & Beverage Director and he has been distinguished with several awards for Modern New Mexican Cuisine, with a particular focus on New Mexican chile.

Chef Ray says “Manko,” or come eat with him (Tewa) because he is specially preparing an opportunity for you to taste native foods, learn about Puebloan ingredients, and help honor traditional tribal foods. Get a historical primer on Taos Pueblo and dive deep into their artistic heirlooms, as you share great cuisine.

The Strength of Sisters

The three crops benefit from each other. The corn provides a structure for the beans to climb, eliminating the need for poles. The beans provide the nitrogen to the soil that the other plants use, and the squash spreads along the ground, blocking the sunlight, helping prevent the establishment of weeds. The squash leaves also act as a “living mulch”, creating a microclimate to retain moisture in the soil, and the prickly hairs of the vine deter pest. Corn, beans, and squash contain complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and all eight essential amino acids, allowing most Native American tribes to thrive on a plant-based diet.

Hand Picked Native Tea with Cactus Fruit

Pueblo Corn Mothers Nixtamalization with Braised Bison & Osha Roots

Puebloan Beans with the Stages of its life Sprout to Flowers to Seeds

Pure Cushaw Pumpkin with Zuni Salt Brined Turkey and the food It eats

Cacao, Agave, Amaranth & Red Corn Our gifts form the South

Ilona Spruce, the Director of Tourism for the Taos Pueblo will host with Angelisa Murray, owner of Heritage Inspirations local travel company a truly delightful evening to start your experience with Taos! They welcome you to savor a decadent and intentional meal in the setting of Millicent Rogers Museum while having a unique lens into the cultural aspects of Taos Pueblo. Ilona and Angelisa are cultivating a Taos Pueblo Horno Baking Tour that will start in April and we hope to host you on this truly unique experience for your next Taos Visit!

You should not miss this extraordinary opportunity!