UNESCO Travel Tours:

With more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other U.S. State, you’d be remise to not take this opportunity to seek out these culturally preserved and protected locations. Heritage Inspirations goes to two out of the three New Mexico designated UNESCO sites: Chaco Culture National Historical Park and Taos Pueblo. Take a day trip or an overnight glamping trip to Chaco Canyon. Or, go to Taos Pueblo with their cultural half-day tour and even better yet, get an insider experience by baking bread in a tribal member’s outdoor adobe horno oven.

Taos Cultural Half-Day Tour | Year-Round with Advanced Reservation, except during Pueblo Closures

Want to quickly delve into Taos’ cultural depths? Visit the World Heritage UNESCO site of Taos Pueblo to see the oldest inhabited community in the U.S. and catch a glimpse of ancient Puebloan culture. Then, go to the Millicent Rogers Museum to peruse an incredible collection of Hispanic and Native American artifacts. Finally, complete your exploration of this center of Southwestern culture and living history by journeying to Taos Gorge Bridge.

Horno Baking at Taos Pueblo |Year-Round Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday, except during Pueblo Closures

Go deeper than most visitors by learning and interacting with the Taos Puebloans through this horno bread baking tour. Learn about these adobe arched outdoor ovens and the best ways to shape and bake Puebloan bread, directly from a Taos tribal member. After making bread, walk through and explore Taos Pueblo, a World Heritage UNESCO site known for their continuously inhabited 1000 year+ adobe buildings, and then have lunch at a local grandmother’s café.

Rio Grande Del Norte Monument & Taos Pueblo Tour | Year-Round, except during Pueblo Closures

Explore Taos’ Puebloan culture and the land Puebloans have called home for 1000s of years with a visit to Taos Pueblo, Taos Gorge Bridge and the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument. This interpretive guided experience highlights prehistoric dwellings and the stunning geological background of the Rio Grande Rift Valley. After exploring the village’s historical and modern-day contexts, see how the river has carved out an 800-foot descent through the thick lava walls of basalt rock and hike along the rim of this breathtaking landscape.

“Journey Within” 3 Day | 2 Night Taos Glamping Adventure

This three-day, two-night glamping experience features the best of Taos hiking in the Rio Grande Valley, stand-up paddle boarding on Lake Abiquiu within Georgia O’Keeffe Country, farm-to-table dining and sleeping in a fusion of glamour and Taos camping. Journey With Us and read how we have cultivated this experience in our Travel Blog and our first Perseid Meteor Experience.

Chaco Canyon Day Tour | Every Saturday March through November

Transport into another world, at Chaco Canyon. Journey to this UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Park, where highly organized large-scale multi-storied structures were constructed by the Chacoan people from 850 A.D. to 1250 A.D. Chaco dominated the area for more than four centuries and the remnants of the complex infrastructure and architectural development can be experienced while the Ancestral Puebloan culture can be studied and contemplated.

Chaco Canyon Glamping Tour | Equinox & New Moon Dates

Experience this major ancestral Puebloan center of migration, grand construction, and cultural integration by glamping overnight within Chaco Canyon’s majestic boundaries. Explore the Great Houses, hike connecting trails, witness celestial events, and enjoy a non-light polluted sky. Dive deep into the mysteries of Chaco and get an in-depth perspective without forsaking comforts, with this luxurious journey.