Travel in New Mexico Nourishes Wellness

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Many travelers want to maintain or even enhance their personal wellbeing when they travel. Travel can be an opportunity to focus on nurturing the soul, spirit, body and mind.

It makes sense if you’re taking a break to hit the refresh button, that you should incorporate rejuvenating healthy practices and tune into your body’s needs. Travel provides a wonderful foundational opportunity to unwind, unplug and recharge. Luckily for you, New Mexico is a prime gateway to step away from the rat race of life, be present, inspired, enlivened and reenergized, which is why Heritage Inspirations works to incorporate healthy practices into all of our tours.

New Mexico’s Wellness Assets

With oases of mineral springs, indigenous healing practices, and majestic earthly elements such as sage and cedar, fresh air, and invigorating physical movement, New Mexico offers boundless healthy options and has a long history of attracting wellness-oriented folks.

Going on wellness retreat to improve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is certainly not a new concept and New Mexico has been continually seen as a healthy sanctuary location. The Healthseeker Era of 1880-1940 saw a huge influx of Tuberculosis patients as they sought New Mexico’s plentiful fresh air, sunshine and thermal spring spas as a means to recover from TB. Later, WWI soldiers continued the legacy by seeking out these health havens after the onslaught of war. Many of those TB sanitoriums built rustic outdoor baths, lush hotels, and even developed railroad tracks and depots leading directly to these famed healing sites. The vestiges of infrastructure improvement live on today as mineral spring spas, at places like Ojo Caliente, Jemez and Las Palomas Hot Springs, and the Dripping Springs in Las Cruces.

Imagine the air filled with sage and sweet grass while rhythmic drums match the beat of your heart or freshly plucked herbs are pounded into a special poultice just for your health ailment. Reflecting traditional medicine filled with ancient ritual and wisdom, both Native and Hispanic roots run deep throughout New Mexico and both bring vast curative knowledge using healing herbs, chants, rituals, and spiritual elements to wellness. It’s not uncommon to find these traditional practices interspersed in wellness services here, so be prepared for things like calling the four directions, using natural implements such as feathers and crystals, and incorporating internal balancing energy work.

Since getting outdoors has been shown to decrease stress levels, increase resilience, improve concentration, and ease depression, wilderness expeditions provide ample therapeutic advantages. New Mexico’s outdoor settings have provided the bedrock of a longstanding wellness history and have given physical challenges that have provided life-altering clarity and improved self-confidence, to many. This giant wilderness playground has everything: hot springs to soak in, 13,000-foot mountain peaks to ski, snowshoe and hike, whitewater rafting to conquer, rugged high elevation plateaus to explore, hidden ancient historical sites to find, and sandstone hoodoo spires to climb. New Mexico offers the epitome of healthy outdoor activities and wellness nourishing plenty that people have sought out for centuries.

Heritage Inspirations Maximizes NM’s Vast
Wellness Opportunities for You

Loving all NM has to offer and having all of these assets in mind, Heritage Inspirations commits to more wellness inspired tour options, with:


We’re launching a new Southern tour during November’s full moon, to explore the amazing Southern reaches of our state, enjoy yoga amongst moon glowing White Sands, and partake in nourishing hot springs rejuvenation. If you want to combine the therapeutic New Mexico outdoors with restorative body movement and healing waters, then this tour is a treasure trove of wellness!


Did you know there is a sacred shrine in Chimayó, New Mexico that reputedly houses holy healing dirt? Entering this church, you’ll see abandoned crutches and braces strewn around the chapel testifying to the pocito’s, or the small hole of dirt’s, curative powers. Our tour to Chimayó is a perfect way to explore the interesting historical and cultural healing aspects of New Mexico.


The sounds, scents, and interplay of light amongst dappling leaves, makes “forest bathing” a restorative process. Plus, with our crowdless trails it’s an opportunity to be held by the vast landscape and find healing nurturing peace. Find out for yourself how New Mexico’s glorious outdoors can bring you peace of mind but strapping on your hiking shoes for either our full-day hiking adventure or overnight backpacking expedition, in Taos.


With the pioneers of wellness travel, Pravassa, we are designing a 4-day 3-night women’s glamping tour entirely focused on wellness. Next year’s “Women Who Rise” tour will focus on alignment with the forces of nature and using mindful activities to harness power, throughout our Northern New Mexico journey. We will be integrating movement, sound healing, yoga, silence and intention-setting as tools to prioritize self-care and recharge and refocus your life.


Meet our new glamping Chef and Wellness guide – Marianne Sundquist and Willamarie Moore. Chef Marianne brings heart to nourishment, with globally inspired fair using sustainable and locally resourced ingredients. While Willamarie delights in immersive, transformative wellness and mindfulness practices, such as writing, art, and yoga. Both are adding an important wellness component to our tours and are welcome additions to our team!

Let New Mexico Wellness Nourish YOU

Every Heritage Inspirations tour incorporates good nourishing food, chances to move the body, access to fresh air and our expansive NM environment, opportunity to connect to our land and its peoples, and maybe most importantly, prospects to disconnect, be present and rejuvenate. We know New Mexico is a first-rate wellness destination and we want you to refresh, recharge and transform to a healthier more enlivened version of yourself. Come experience how New Mexico can nourish your state of wellness soon.


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