Festival & Artisan Market Tours

Historically, New Mexico’s festivals have been a place for artisans, farmers and adventurers
to gather and exchange
goods, ideas, and stories.

In the mid 1830s New Mexico began to function as a trading hub between the United States, Mexico, and California. Merchants migrated from the Great Plains to Santa Fe, to meet up with other artisans and farmers.

Later Indian Market was organized as part of the Fiesta de Santa Fe sponsored by the Museum of New Mexico as a way to preserve the native arts and traditions that were in danger of extinction. In 1936, the New Mexico Association on Indian Affairs took over the event.

Seasonal festivals continued to pop up through the Land of Enchantment. In 1972, a small gathering of 13 balloons participated in the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Today the event has grown to become the largest balloon festival in the world. Your perspective will shift as you wonder at the “Mass Ascension” at dawn or get lost in the labyrinth of luminescent orbs at “Night Glow.”

Dive deeper with H.I. for an intimate journey into the festivals that sustain us.

July 29 – July 30
on the Historic Santa Fe Plaza
July 5 – July 9
on Museum Hill in Santa Fe
August 19 – August 20
on the Historic Santa Fe Plaza
October 7 – October 15
at the ABQ Balloon Fiesta Park