White Sands Hot Springs & Yoga Wellness Retreat

2020 February 8th & 9th | November 14th & 15th | 2 Days & 1 Night

$399 per person + tax for a shared room | $475 per person + tax for a private room 

Tour includes one night’s accommodation at Hotel Encanto in Las Cruces, dinner, yoga sessions, sunrise meditative guided hike and entry to the Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences (T&C)

Meet at Albuquerque’s Hotel Chaco at Noon and return to the same location at 5:30PM the next day


Most visitors to New Mexico fly into Albuquerque and proceed Northward through the popular Santa Fe – Taos circuit, but little do they know how much they miss in the Southern realms of the state! A trip South from Albuquerque rewards travelers with less-trodden natural splendors, hot springs, and undulating fields of white sands. Heritage Inspirations has been wanting to lead a trip South to Las Cruces and White Sands with a few honorable stops along the way, and we believe we’ve finally nailed down a route that highlights what makes Southern New Mexico so travel worthy while also pairing the sites with nourishing wellness activities.

We’ll meet at Albuquerque’s Hotel Chaco at noon to begin our drive South through the Valley of the Fires and the Tularosa Basin. This land was blasted with molten rock approximately 5,000 years ago, creating a large swath of relatively new, barren looking land and desert environment. You’ll find the landscape has the more stereotypical perspective people have of New Mexico, a hot thinly vegetated desert scrubland.

Heading directly to White Sands, we’ll arrive in time to explore one of the world’s great natural wonders, you’ll wander and play in the glittering wave-like dunes of gypsum sand. With sunset one-hour after our entrance to the park, you’ll watch the interplay of white sand with the sunset glow of colors while you stretch and nourish your body with a 75-minute yoga session with our partner Ashley Fathergill, Founder of YogaZo.

As the full moon takes over the darkening sky, we’ll enjoy a picnic style dinner after yoga, with the glimmering moonlight shimmering over the white sand mounds. Then, we’ll travel to Hotel Encanto for check-in, and enjoy our night in their quintessentially Southwestern hotel décor.

The following morning join your guides for a sunrise mindful and meditative hike. This nearly 3-mile moderate round-trip hike features needle like rocky outcrops, low elevation pinon and juniper woodlands, as well as the area’s “weeping walls” waterfall.

Returning to Encanto blissfully peaceful and attuned to New Mexico’s natural environment, you’ll have the option to jump in the pool before a noon check-out time and then head out for lunch in Historic Mesilla at a local favorite restaurant La Posta. Following lunch we journey Northward to Albuquerque, we’ll stop in Truth or Consequences to soak our bones and quench our soul in healing natural hot spring waters. Thereby, maintaining the Zenlike calm and tranquility of our two-day Southern exploratory New Mexico trip.

If you’re an outdoor lover with a penchant for restorative body movement in strikingly rugged desert surroundings, then this tour is for you. Take in White Sands under full moon glow, stretch your body and restore your mind with yoga and healing waters, while you explore the treasure trove of the Tularosa Basin’s outdoor opportunities.



Join Ashley Fathergill, Founder of YogaZo, as we flow under the full moonlight. Ashley’s classes allow you to explore movement, breath and tap into mindfulness. Classes are built for any level of yoga experience and offer appropriate challenges, as well as an extra-long shavasana for ultimate relaxation and presentness. During the Full November & February Moons expect to be recharged, restored and ready for more adventure! Thus, the full-moon White Sands class will represent an opportunity to move and align with the moon and to reenergize for the season’s change. it’s the perfect time to release what is old and awaken what is yet to come.