Ghost Ranch Hiking Tour in Georgia O’Keeffe Country

9AM – 4PM | $175 per person | Offered Year-Round

We meet at Taos’ El Monte Sagrado Resort at 9AM and will return to the same location at 4PM

Journey from Taos to Georgia O’Keeffe Country through Scenic Back Roads

After picking you up at El Monte Sagrado Resort in Taos, you will enjoy a scenic drive through the bucolic backroads from Taos to Ghost Ranch. You’ll easily create in your mind’s eye old western movie backdrops, with the red earth covered in dusty green sagebrush and craggy outcroppings of multi-colored basalt, blazing past your window.

We’ll stop at Bode’s General Store, which was established in 1919 in the small village of Abiquiu, for a quick pit stop. Here, you’ll experience New Mexico’s still thriving first General Store, housing unique treasures only found at this historical marker.

Then, our journey takes you to the edge of the Colorado Plateau, where you will hike through magnificent arroyo views of the Chama River Valley and immerse yourself in the colorful ribbons of sandstone.

On our three-mile hike to Chimney Rock, you will learn about the geology that sculpted this textured land, as well as Georgia O’Keeffe’s story, the famous iconic painter who imprinted upon this multi-colored red hued region.

New Mexico’s State Fossil, the Coelophysis dinosaur, was discovered in Ghost Ranch by paleontologist Edwin H. Colbert in 1947. The over one thousand well-preserved fossilized skeletons pieced together a dinosaur that could be likened to a smaller version of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and was celebrated as a valuably rare discovery. So, while you take in the aromas of ancient piñon forest overlooking an earth that has captivated so many artisans, you’ll also learn more about this prehistoric geomorphology that once lay beneath an ancient sea.

Following our hike, you will enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch overlooking Abiquiu Lake, a perfect opportunity to soak in the expansive views, the vibrant textured rocks and the striking terrain. Sit back and enjoy the tranquility this place so organically delivers.

For those who would like a more robust and challenging hike, the five-mile Kitchen Mesa trail is also available. While this trail requires more effort, like scrambling up through rocks and bouldering through vertical slots and rock chutes, it delivers big mesa top views of the Ghost Ranch area. With this hike, we’ll take in the breathtaking panorama while enjoying our pack lunch on the top of Kitchen Mesa.

Finally, with fresh tan marks, lots of fresh air and fresh memories, we’ll journey back to Taos through the tiny village of El Rito valley, which is rich with juniper, piñon, cane cholla and cedar. Book this day tour to experience the beauty of Ghost Ranch, discover the views that stimulate artistic passions, and imagine prehistoric nature’s escapades along this majestic terrain. To read more about this experience visit our travel blog on this tour.  

Additional Activities are available to add to these itineraries for additional cost. Please inquire with Angelisa Murray direct 575.779.5516.