Dreamcatcher Creations at the Rio Grande Gorge +
Taos Pueblo Tour

$190 per person + tax | Offered Year-Round, except during Pueblo Closures

We meet at Taos’ El Monte Sagrado Resort at 9AM and will return to the same location at 3:30PM

Includes entry fees into Taos Pueblo, gourmet picnic lunch and all dreamcatcher supplies.

To read more about this experience enjoy our Travel Blog sharing more insight.

A World Heritage UNESCO site, Taos Pueblo’s multi-storied adobe buildings have been continuously occupied for over 1,000 years and is one of the oldest inhabited communities in the United States. Learn about these Tiwa speaking northern most Puebloans by listening to a private community docent explain to you this bucolic village’s historical and modern contexts.

This tour will take you deeper into understanding these peoples’ history, culture and pueblo. You’ll be able to explore this bucolic community more intimately through our exclusive opportunity and be able to go within these ancient adobe walls.

Following your pueblo tour, enjoy your organic locally sourced picnic from Sol Foods, at the 565-foot drop’s edge of Taos Gorge Bridge. While relishing your lunch, learn about Taos Gorge’s dynamic geological story while soaking in the incredible views of the Rio Grande Rift and the river, of the same name, below. You’ll deeply breathe in the fresh air and take in the dramatic Taos Mountain views, while tasting the regional infusion in your lunch.

At lunch you’ll meet Red Sunrise (also more popularly known as Moose), your dreamcatcher teacher who will lead your dreamcatcher making with a hands-on and tangible experience. With his guidance, you’ll weave your own personal dreamcatcher souvenir.

Moose will provide you cured tear-shaped red willow frames, which have been already been honored and sanctified by the four cardinal directions. Since every element used has significance to these native peoples, you can contemplate where to add colorful beads, stones, bone or feathers, etc. in order to craft your own sacred protective catcher of bad dreams and enabler of more restful sleep and peaceful thoughts.

Moose says that “to weave the dreamcatcher is weaving a part of your life and often shows us more about ourselves.” So, be ready to personalize yours by adding elements that represent your life and the life of your dreamworld, thereby creating something extraordinarily special and full of meaning, for you.

If you have a fascination for Puebloan architecture, a desire to step inside this ancient village, plus a longing to better know these peoples’ practices and beliefs – book this dreamcatcher tour! Then, when you return home, don’t forget to hang your dreamcatcher above your bed to work its mystical benefits and remind you of this special day at Taos Pueblo.

Extra activities available for additional cost, inquire with Angelisa Murray directly at 575-779-5516, to discuss bonus possibilities.