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The Tapestry of Taos Artisans

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Wandering the streets of downtown Taos we walk on imperfect roads where many artists have walked before. Roads full of wondrous stories where the famous, infamous, and little known have already treaded. Every crack in the sidewalk is a sign that someone of significance walked this way and it’s what makes Taos’ art colony completely…


Floating on Snow in the Taos Backcountry

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Winter invites a different kind of discovery because of the silence blanketing the ground, allowing us to see things we might not have noticed in other seasons. When the trees and land get covered in white, they highlight and illuminate the texture, form and shapes of nature in poetic majesty. I must admit, this is…


Mother Daughter Taos Adventure

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I love all the connections these days with social media popping up! I met Andrea a true Taosena who now lives with her husband and two kids in Dallas, TX over an Instagram crush. We both kept seeing each others highlights of Taos and it turned into coffee at our favorite spot Coffee Apothecary and…


Taos Backcountry Rio Grande Hiking Adventure

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Taos Backcountry Rio Grande Hiking Adventure Every Wednesday – Sunday 9am to 2:30pm | Offered Year-Round $199 per person + tax for party of two | $155 per person + tax for party of three or more Tour includes Gourmet Lunch Meet at Taos’ El Monte Sagrado Resort at 9AM return to the same location at 2:30PM…