Taos Backcountry Rio Grande Hiking Adventure

Every Wednesday – Saturday 9AM to 2:30PM | Offered Year-Round

$199 per person + tax* for party of two | $155 per person + tax* for party of three or more

Meet at Taos’ El Monte Sagrado Resort at 9AM return to the same location at 2:30PM

*Includes Gourmet Lunch prepared by our Inspired Chef + Guide, Josh Willette

Pick the Taos backcountry hike that’s right for you!

Do you love putting on your hiking boots for a good trek outdoors in glorious natural settings? Well, Taos has a plethora of phenomenal hiking choices and we can tailor a program for you depending on your exertion level.

The Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument, and the Wild Rivers Recreation Area housed within her, exemplify Taos’ vast outdoor riches. Through them, there are multiple paths to either hike down into the Rio Grande Valley’s womb or to easily traverse the high plains above overlooking the spectacular 800-foot canyon drop, either of which offers a truly dynamic regional experience.

Taos is blessed with a wild and scenic river in all her natural glory, since many American Southwest rivers are dammed. You’ll see and experience how Northern New Mexico’s monument status preserves the Rio Grande’s free flow and provides protective status from the Bureau of Land Management.

Our standard is the monument hike, which is a 2 ½ mile, 6,400-foot round-trip expedition, offering breathtaking scenery and spectacular panoramic views. You’ll be sure to take in the famous Taos Box overlook to see the plunging steep walled Rio Grande Gorge, where raging waters swirl below you.

But if you want more challenge, the Big Arsenic trail goes down to the deepest part of the gorge. This steeper switchbacking 1.2-mile downward trail will take you to natural arsenic springs into the belly of the rift. Or, if you want less challenge, you can do the Rinconada Loop trail, which follows along the north escarpment and is a more level experience along the top of the canyon up to 6 miles. Here, you’ll see a variety of petroglyphs, interesting basalt formations and dry desert vegetation.

And of course, we’ll provide a nourishing gourmet lunch prepared by our Inspired Chef & Guide, Josh Willette, to keep you energized and healthy.

All of these options explore the heart of this geological rift zone and provide you an opportunity to delve deeper into this 2.8 to 4.8 million-year-old lava walled and mesa topped wilderness area. You’ll learn to identify juniper, piñon, apache plume, sagebrush and cane cholla as you learn about thegeological forces that etched this land.

So, if you want to encounter the local outdoor splendors of Taos and hear about the heritage and geology connected to this landscape, all based on your preferred difficulty level, then pick the best hiking expedition for you and we’ll be sure you have an unforgettable experience!