Wellness Regional Programs

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Heritage Inspirations is partnering with Heritage Hotels & Resorts to offer guests a Wellness Program in Santa Fe, Taos and Albuquerque. This program is free for hotel guests and an integral part of our wellness pillar. The program consists of a wellness walk that highlights the uniqueness of each destination and drops you into the  … Read more

Angelisa’s Musings: Seasons of Travel

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It’s November in New Mexico, and I’m on an early dawn hike throughout the stacks of ancient earth and the multi-layers of hued sandstone. They’re whispering to me in the golden light about a colorful story that once existed on earth, out here on the edge of the Colorado Plateau, where so many have been  … Read more

Travel in New Mexico Nourishes Wellness

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Many travelers want to maintain or even enhance their personal wellbeing when they travel. Travel can be an opportunity to focus on nurturing the soul, spirit, body and mind. It makes sense if you’re taking a break to hit the refresh button, that you should incorporate rejuvenating healthy practices and tune into your body’s needs.  … Read more