Historic Architecture & Interiors Walking + Wine Tasting Tour

$115 per person + tax | Year-Round Every Thursday & Friday

We meet at Santa Fe’s Hotel St. Francis at 9:30AM and ends at Gruet Santa Fe Tasting Room in Hotel St. Francis at 12:30PM

Perfect Experience for An Unforgettable Bachelorette Weekend (Blog by Lynne Robinson)

Behind Adobe Walls

Fragrant wisteria vines cascading over an adobe wall, a hand carved rustic door leading to a secret courtyard, and plastered adobe walls mixed with mica or straw glistening in the sun – Join us on an exclusive and charming ‘Behind Adobe Walls’ tour.

Spend your Thursday or Friday morning walking Santa Fe’s historic eastside neighborhood, exploring the distinctive architecture, and enjoying the warm interiors this region is known for. You’ll discover the beauty that distinguishes the three styles of New Mexican architecture: Pueblo, Spanish Territorial and Northern New Mexican. As you walk down small winding residential back roads of Canyon Road’s Gallery district, you will begin to discern the traditional appeal of the New Mexican Pueblo style, the classic elegance of Spanish Territorial, and the tall narrow pitched roofs of the Northern New Mexico style.

You’ll also learn about the history and importance of the acequia (water ditch) that parallels our walkway. It continues to be used to irrigate private residential gardens with the time-old tradition of controlled water flow.

As you tour a charming 150-year-old Pueblo style private residence set next to a running acequia, you will understandwhy Santa Fe homes can feel like blessed sanctuary space. Inside this home, keen hand-crafted elements, such as tinwork, carved wood, hand-plastered surfaces, textiles, antiques and found curiosities, create a soulful, grounded and incredibly captivating atmosphere. The designer of this home has been showcased multiple times in Su Casa and Trend Magazine, Dream Homes International and The House and Garden Network.

New Mexicans create homes with timeless appeal and welcoming environments. Filled with artifacts collected over time, there is a narrative journey to be told. You’ll see how these homes reflect the story of their inhabitants, expressing who they are and where they’ve been. Their interiors authentically and artfully assembled.

By the end of this tour, you’ll be attuned to the different characters of each architectural style and know their history, you’ll appreciate the inherent importance of the acequia, and bear witness to the owner’s chronicling of self. Join us for this behind adobe walls expedition if you want to delve into Santa Fe architectural styles and get a peek at their lively expressive interiors.

Our walking tour is estimated at 2 to 2.5 miles of walking throughout Santa Fe Historical District.