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Learn more about our tour options for visiting Santa Fe, the City Different:

Santa Fe Regional Tours:

One of American’s most distinctive cities with its low-slung adobe architecture and worldly artsy ambiance, Santa Fe proudly calls itself the City Different. Because of those unique features, Heritage Inspirations offers two walking tours. You can study the historic Puebloan and Spanish influenced architecture along Canyon Road’s gallery district or feel out Santa Fe’s expressive fashion flair with a fashionista-oriented shopping outing. Both provide an in-depth glimpse to the sophisticated, yet earthy, Santa Fe style. And don’t forget that Santa Fe also has a couple of National Monuments within easy reach outside the city, you can journey to Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks and hike through water sculpted sandstone hoodoos or explore ancient cliffside dwellings and search for petroglyphs at Bandelier.

Bandelier National Monument Hiking Tour | Every Saturday & Sunday

Hike and explore the eastern flanks of Pajarito Plateau in the Jemez Mountains, where dynamic geological forces weave a story of ancestral Pueblo peoples’ migration and settlement. First, in Tsankawi, look at petroglyphs and take in spectacular views of the Jemez, Sangre de Cristo and Sandia mountain ranges. Then, at Bandelier National Monument wind through Frijoles Canyon to look for evidence of 10,000-year-old human activity and end your study of ancient civilizations at Bandelier’s Tyunonyi village’s cliff dwellings.

The City Different E-Bike Tour | An Adventure Through Hidden Santa Fe | Every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Santa Fe is the original cultural crossroads of the American Southwest. The oldest capital city in the US and the highest in elevation, Santa Fe has been drawing visitors to her for over 400 years. Santa Fe is well known for its vibrant art scene however its pygmy forests, charming hillside roads and pathways that follow that natural flow of water are what really create the city’s charm. Our E-Bike tour captures the outdoors and relates the inspiration of nature to the historical side of the city. On this tour you will feel the magic and romance of this beautiful city. We will take you into the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, through the vibrant cultural history of the city and into its heart to experience the hidden gems that make this destination, The City Different. 

Churches of the Royal City E-Bike Tour | A Tour of the Historic Churches of Santa Fe | Every Thursday & Sunday Year-Round

Join us on this E-Bike interpretive tour to experience the historical and architectural past, of five of Santa Fe, New Mexico’s great churches. Santa Fe is the Oldest Capital City in the USA and its history, architecture and art is unlike any other destination in the world. Let us share with you over four hundred years of that history while pedaling on an electric bike, winding your way through the narrow streets of Santa Fe. We’ll explore this city’s ancient past and show you why it is named La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asís (“The Royal Town of the Holy Faith of Saint Francis of Assisi”).  We will explore the beauty of the artwork and architecture that makes each location so distinctly different.

Historic Architecture & Interiors Walking + Wine Tasting Tour | Every Thursday & Friday

Walk through Santa Fe’s historic eastside neighborhood and along Canyon Road’s winding residential gallery district to discover the beauty of three distinguishing New Mexican architectural styles: Pueblo, Spanish Territorial and Northern New Mexican. While discerning these exterior styles, also learn about the history and importance of the time-old tradition of acequia managed water flow while looking at artfully and authentically assembled interiors that reflect inhabitants’ interior stories.

The Magical Heirlooms of Chimayó Tour | Every Saturday

With this tour, explore the healing dirt of Santuario de Chimayó, taste the heirloom goodness of chile blends, and watch artisans weave colorful Southwest textiles. Going to Chimayó, New Mexico is an expedition back in time to an era that was hand-grown, hand-made and filled with holy visitations. This tour includes lunch at Rancho de Chimayó, a restored hacienda with generationally preserved cuisine.

Kasha – Katuwe Tent Rocks + Wine Tasting Hiking Tour | Every Saturday & Sunday

Journey to Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument to explore this stunning recreational playground. Be surrounded by water sculpted sandstone hoodoos and soft cliffsides, eroded by years of weather, to form thin cone like spires and slot canyons stretched like taffy. This moderate 3-mile scenic hike offers an immersive opportunity to look at ancient rocks shaped into otherworldly shapes and stripped into interesting formations by the long-standing counter forces of wind and water.

The High Road to Taos Day Trip | Every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
The High Road travels North through scenic mountainous terrain, remote artistic enclaves and old New Mexican history. Transiting through Chimayó, Truchas, Peñascoand up to Taos, you’ll see how the mix of Native, Spanish and Anglo forces shaped this area and made it so spellbindingly unique. Take this tour if you’re fascinated or curious by the mix of multi-cultural influences and gorgeous landscapes that influenced this region.

Abiquiu Artisan Studio Tour in Georgia O’Keeffe Country – Santa Fe

Journey off the beaten path, deep into the Georgia O’Keeffe country with this full day artistic tour. Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of the white sandstone cliffs of Plaza Blanca while enjoying breathtaking views of the Chama river valley that will inspire the inner artist in you. Then travel down the back roads to the quaint historic town of Abiquiu. As you enter the town with the Chama River running through it and creating a canyon of colorful siltstone surrounded by gently rolling sagebrush covered plains that paint vivid hues across the landscape, you will immediately understand why so many artists make this their home. You will be welcomed into the unique and creative home of the artistic couple, Frank and Debra for a gourmet picnic. Then they will take you on an in-depth insider’s tour of their studios giving you insights into their working style and inspiration for their art.

Fashionista Shopping + Wine Tasting Tour | Every Friday & Saturday

Enjoy a personalized shopping tour of Santa Fe. Achieve a signature look by visiting the trendiest boutiques, vintage shops and traveler’s market hide-a-ways, where casual, chic, vintage and luxury styles can all be found. Santa Fe’s distinctly casual yet sophisticated atmosphere allows for creative expression, flair, exoticism and colorful individuality. This one-of-a-kind find tour wraps up at the Gruet tasting room in Hotel St. Francis for a bubbly finish.