Overnight Backpacking in the Enchanted Circle

2-Days & 1-Night | $425 per person + tax | 2 pp minimum & 12 pp maximum | Friday to Saturday June through October

Tour includes fully equipped backpack, including tent, sleeping bag, pillow, backpacking meals, cooking supplies, etc.
Meet your guide at Taos Mountain Outfitters in Taos’ Historic Plaza at 8AM return to the same location at 3PM the next day.

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Have you wanted to attempt an overnight backpacking/camping trip but worry you’re not sure where to begin? There are so many extremely important considerations journeying into a remote wilderness, like balancing how much to pack, having sufficient but lightweight equipment, knowing what food to bring and how to cook it, making sure you have access to enough water, etc.

We know it can be expensive and overwhelming when first starting out and many people make heavy uncomfortable mistakes. That’s why we’ve partnered with Taos Outfitters to offer an overnight backpacking trip in the mountainous wilds of New Mexico’s Enchanted Circle. With our overnight backpacking trip, you don’t have to suffer through those common issues or make the expensive equipment investment, plus you’ll gain the confidence and camping know-how.

This introductory overnight backpacking experience includes instruction in understanding, fitting and using backpacking equipment in a backcountry setting, Leave No Trace ethics, navigation, campsite selection, cooking and more. Each guest has the option to test a full suite of professional backpacking equipment for their trip; like top of the line adjustable Osprey backpacks, lightweight tents, sleeping bags (with liner), pillows, backpacking meals, stoves and more. All courtesy of our amazing partner, Taos Mountain Outfitters.

Meet your guide at Taos Mountain Outfitters in Taos Historic Plaza at 8AM return to the same location at 3:00PM. The first thing you’ll learn to do, is pack and balance your gear with expert guidance. As Sally explains the equipment and its specifications, she’ll make sure you have the tools and resources available in order to have a successful overnight experience.

You’ll be driven North of Taos where you will enjoy a safety briefing and Leave No Trace Ethics discussion before beginning a gentle ascent among the majestic pine and aspen laden canyon, crisscrossing continuously over a creek.

Once we get to the camping spot, you’ll make camp by setting up your tent, sleep gear and cook space. Depending on fire restrictions, you might get a campfire started. You’ll learn to cook a bonafide backpacking meal. And most importantly, you’ll enjoy and unwind with a night out in the woods, watching the stars and listening to critters scrambling around before heading to your tent for the night.

In the morning, after coffee and a nourishing breakfast, you’ll disassemble the campsite, re-pack it all in your backpack and begin the ascent to the ridgeline, hopefully to catch a sweeping morning view of the iconic New Mexican landscape before ducking down a magical canyon trail. You’ll emerge from the woods refreshed, ready to hit the trail as a responsible new backpacker, and possibly reticent to get wired back into contemporary society after your nature adventure break.

If you feel ready to immerse yourself in an in-depth overnight outdoor experience but want some safety and guidance on your first go, then trek into the high country with us! With expert guidance and equipment, this backpacking/camping adventure is perfectly designed for your needs.

Heritage Inspirations operates under a permit from the Carson National Forest. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.



We proudly partner with Taos Mountain Outfitters as Taos’ local outdoor gear shop now open over 40 years! Owners Bill and Karen Gaydosh are obsessed with outdoor pursuits in Taos and the surrounding areas. You can book any of our tours in their shop while also gearing up for your next adventure with us! Start your Overnight Backpacking trip with us right in their shop to get a glimpse into best gear practices, insider tips on how to outfit yourself as well receive our partner discount!