Eat Pray Love 3 Day | 2 Night Journey

Two Nights & Three Days All Inclusive Active and Cultural Guided Tour | $1499 per person + tax | Offered Year-Round Thursday – Saturday
Customized tours available, depending on availability

We meet at Santa Fe’s Hotel St. Francis on Day One and return to the same location on Day Three.

We think Elizabeth Gilbert should have included New Mexico in her Eat Pray Love explorations because what better place is there to lead you on a nurturing, pleasure filled tour of self-discovery and synchronicity? NONE!

“I’m choosing happiness over suffering, I know I am. I’m making space for the unknown future to fill up my life with yet-to-come surprises.”
― Elizabeth GilbertEat, Pray, Love

Our Eat Pray Love tour is a journey of intuitive unearthing. You’ll taste New Mexican flavors, hike and explore the inspiring adventurous landscapes, soak in nourishing mineral hot springs, meditate prayfully during yoga, find solace in historic captivating sanctuaries, and set loving intentions in local craft making workshops.

You’ll love how this tour is:

Custom & Crafted Design Just For You!

We’ll do all the logistical planning. From the moment you meet your guide we’ll have all your needs met. Allow yourself to indulge, connect and rejuvenate throughout this 3-day all inclusive offering. While we have a suggested itinerary, it can be specifically tweaked and crafted for each trip and each season. All tours provide discounted accommodations in Taos’ El Monte Sagrado Resort, including all meals, interpretive guided activities and gear, transportation and discounted hotel reservations. The Eat Pray Love tour is fashioned just for your adventurous spirit!

In crafting this tour, our intention is to not only share the highlights that make this region so unique and special but provide the tools for you to go on a self-nurturing, intuitive expedition of self.

“I want God to play in my bloodstream the way sunlight amuses itself on the water.”
― Elizabeth GilbertEat, Pray, Love

Day One ~ The Glory of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Earth

Day one earnestly begins the eat, pray, love tour with meaning by connecting the mineral earthy elements of New Mexico. You’ll see how dynamic geological forces imprinted this land and learn about the differing layered zones of Ojo Caliente Valley, the Rio Grande Rift Zone, the Northern Pueblo regions, and outlying historic villages. You’ll also intuitively sculpt the earth into artful masterpieces and let the earth draw out toxins from your body.

Beginning with a rejuvenating morning hike in Plaza Blanca, also known as the“white place,” here our group will probably be the only ones looking at 60-foot obelisks, otherworldly spires and slot canyons that you will have to squeeze through. A great start to our positive adventure, this is an excellent place to set your personal intentions for your three-day experience.

Then, you’ll go to the beautiful home and studio space of Debra Fritts & Frank Shelton. Debra does narrative clay sculpture while Frank makes mixed media painting and sculpture and you’ll be able to tour their fabulous studio space and view their artistic creations. Debra will lead you through a hands-on clay making experience where you will commune with the clay and make a personalized memento that she will later fire and send to you. Here, you’ll also eat a gourmet lunch in their warm inviting home.

After playing with clay, you’ll get to soak in mud at Ojo Caliente Mineral Hot Springs Resort. Immerse yourself in clay, whereby it will draw out toxins and cleanse your skin and spirit. Then, rinse off with naturally hot mineral fed waters.

You’ll finish off the trip North to Taos with a visit to the Taos Bridge and the stunning Rio Grande Gorge. The seventh tallest bridge in the U.S., you’ll behold the spectacular vistas of the Rio Grande Rift created by the river of the same name. The bridge towers 565 feet above the free-flowing river and boasts great views of Taos. Pick fresh sprigs of sage around these sacred lands in order to make your own personal smudge stick.

This evening’s dining experience will be a decadent farm to table meal in the private wine room at De La Tierra Restaurant in El Monte Sagrado where you’ll relax in the tranquil luxurious adobe resort.

Day Two ~ The Heritage and Feasts of Taos

If you’re up for it, start your morning with gentle yoga overlooking El Monte Sagrado’s Sacred Circle and then at your leisure, indulge in breakfast at the Gardens Restaurant.

Day two centers more on food, heritage and Taos.

Launch your day’s escapades by going to Taos Pueblo. A World Heritage UNESCO site, the multi-storied adobe buildings have been continuously occupied for over 1,000 years and is one of the oldest inhabited communities in the United States. Following the docent led tour, you’ll meet Red Sunrise (also more popularly known as Moose), for a dreamcatcher making workshop. With his expert guidance, you’ll weave your own personal teardrop shaped dreamcatcher souvenir.

Shuttling from the Pueblo to Common Fire, you’ll enjoy lunch specially hosted by owner Andy Lynch, with incredible food,  specially paired wines, and in their relaxed, community oriented, locally and seasonally inspired restaurant. Appreciate lunch where Eat Pray Love’s Julia Roberts attended the restaurant opening! You can elect to take this time back at the hotel or go shopping on Taos’ Kit Carson Road, but this may be a hard to miss experience.

During the afternoon, you’ll glean an insider’s perspective to Taos’ hidden art gems, as you walk the back roads of downtown Taos. Weave in and out of winding alleyways exploring the historical context while you pause to mix with the local art scene. The overall tour theme illustrates the vibrancy, color and character of the artists who have contributed so much of Taos’ eccentric story. Follow in the artists’ footsteps while we visit a variety of studios, engaging with their inventive creators and appreciating their inspired creations.

Our day will end with a gentle evening Rio Grande River float surrounded by the orange and red canyon walls. An interpretive guide will share Puebloan history and lore with you, providing a glimpse to ancient cultures that have imbued this land. Upon disembarkment, you’ll have a delicious traditional Puebloan feast of red chile stew, posole, calabacitas, Indian pie, fry bread and tea.

Day Three ~ The High Road to Santa Fe

Our last day traverses the “High Road” to Santa Fe, which goes through the Sangre de Cristo mountain range between Taos and Santa Fe and provides awe-inspiring scenery as well as a glimpse back in time to New Mexico’s Spanish colonial roots. Starting at El Monte Sagrado Resort, you will travel through the aromas of ponderosa pine, aspen, pinon, and cedar groves as we climb upward into Carson National Forest. The high road houses many artists’ studios who are enthused by the surrounding landscape, you’ll see why successful artists sell their wares in large cities while crafting their art in quiet beautiful mountain remoteness.

Day three caps off love and prayer with a visit to Chimayo’s traditional historic adobe shrine of Santuario de Chimayo. Considered a very sacred place, it is said to offer holy dirt with healing properties for the lame and sick. Every Easter the shrine inspires thousands of Catholics on a walking pilgrimage, some starting as far away as 90 miles South in Albuquerque.

Next, you’ll love Sharon Candelario’s rustic studio, which is housed outside her family’s chile shop and whereby you will get a chance to use canning tin to blacken, etch and make Milagro Hearts. An artform that dates back to the 1800s, her unique designs symbolize your heart’s desires and passions coming to fruition.

Coming full circle, you’ll arrive in Santa Fe for a final hooray with our Fashionista tour. With this personalized shopping tour of Santa Fe, you’ll have one last chance to exemplify your New Mexican eat pray love experience by achieving your signature look. Visit the trendy boutiques, vintage shops and traveler’s market hide-a-ways, where casual, chic, vintage and luxury styles will reveal your newly minted colorful individuality.

“One must always be prepared for riotous and endless waves of transformation.”
― Elizabeth GilbertEat, Pray, Love

Eat earthy goodness and native spreads, pray and play with elemental earthy substances in sacred spaces, and love the nurturing exploratory time you’ll give yourself on this tour! Like Elizabeth Gilbert, this is a time for you and a time of joyful self-care. Let us pamper you while you embrace the abundance of art, intuit earthly messages, and bask in the outdoor glory of Northern New Mexico. This intimate, immersive and all-inclusive journey will be truly special and memorable.

El Monte Sagrado Resort

Just three blocks from Taos Plaza, El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa offers a secluded yet indulgent sanctuary. In harmonious coexistence with its natural setting, their Taos luxury spa and resort is surrounded by towering mountains and rustic high desert, sunlit, fish-filled streams, tropical flora and the sounds of calming waterfalls. Guests are inspired by the nurturing ambiance and mystique of their luxury Taos Mountain rooms.

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Our mission is to provide you with an inspirational and immersive experience that elevates your sensations, palate and spiritual encounter with the diversity of the Land of Enchantment! From the moment we meet and start our tour together, your guide will take care of your every need or request. We offer you all the details, timing, what to expect and all information necessary to prepare you for each day and activity.

With small groups we are able to really focus in on each participant and engage every interest you have along the way. Our tours are designed to provide an unforgettably extraordinary opportunity exploring and discovering the regions highlighted so that you walk away feeling a personal relationship with the people and places visited.