Taos’ Mystical Splendor Inspires an Active Glamping Experience

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Taos’ Mystical Splendor Inspires an Active Glamping Experience

All I can see is the wild sagebrush sprawl out across the Taos Plateau. The fragrance invigorates my soul and plucks the wild within me. What I mean is the wild at heart within me, tugging on my soul to travel deeper towards this earth. The mother earth who illuminates dreams, elicits visions and directs an arrow towards cohesive awareness and intentional living.

Something about the Taos vibe and landscape forces a reckoning with your own truth. There is something unspoken and inviting about the topography before me, the mountains rising up above the geological rift, easily drawing me in and asking me to co-create and share all her majesty and timeless elements.

Imagine waking up near the sound of the Rio Grande river’s current and hearing the rustling of the wind through sage, juniper and piñon branches. Then imagine breathing in the high desert mountain air filled with the rustic smell of iron filled earth mixed with that sage essence, and as you rouse yourself, you see the glow of the sunrise illuminating your scenic perch within a mesa cupped by splendidly lit mountain views.

These are the daily blessings of living and connecting to Taos.

“Dear Paulie, Did I ever tell you about the feeling I had a little while ago? Suddenly passing Taos Mountain I felt that I was part of the earth, so that I felt the sun on my surface and the rain. I felt the stars and the growth of the Moon; under me, rivers ran…”

~ Millicent Rogers

Would you like to experience our backyard and commune with Taos on a deeper level too? A level that foists internal journeys with external wonders?

What if you shared a few days with other inspiring people who equally enjoy inspirational mornings, adventurous days and relaxing nights in breathtakingly exotic scenes? What if you could stretch your heart, body, mind and spirit with new perspectives and unique experiences? Would you crave to “journey within” through your breath or meditatively set your intention in your mind? Would you walk towards the artisan light stretched out across the wild sagebrush as it pushes you to awaken your wild heart too?

I think so. I think you would be mesmerized as well by the flamboyant sunsets, the fragrant air, the cerulean blue sky, the pulsing creative energy that breaks open hearts, and the bliss of nature’s communion in the extraordinary richness of Taos New Mexico’s wild frontiers.

After the past couple of years creating and cultivating immersive guided travel experiences here in northern New Mexico, I’m sinking my soles deeper in the earth. I need to honor my vision to journey beyond the obvious and share the glory of my chosen home. The depth of New Mexico’s history, heritage, adventure, geomorphology, people and culture, continues to inspire me daily.

In the past three years, we’ve developed immersive venturesome experiences like no one else offers.

We take you to Taos Pueblo and Chaco Canyon National Park, two of three New Mexico UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We wander into the homes and studios of the artisans themselves along the historic High Road to Taos and the galleries and studios within Historic Taos. We travel to the edge of the Colorado Plateau, to a land so vivid with color, the hike cracks open your heart and invites inner reflection. We explore the architecture and interiors of Santa Fe textiles with a local who invites you into her own home for biscochitos and cota tea. We even invite you to select your navigation vessel on the Rio Grande, taste wine at one of our favorite Dixon treasures, and hike in ancient basalt. New Mexico makes it easy to integrate these powerful stories and settings into our trips every day.

Now, it’s time to manifest a new style of travel into our mélange.

I’ve been thinking for a while about crafting a multi-day experience here in my own backyard of Taos. Inviting people to experience and travel deeper alongside me.

Everyone who craves it, should have the opportunity to slow down, to connect and to surrender. And this is an invitation to engage the Taos landscape, what we call our sanctuary, to get a little dirty and adventurous while indulging in the ethereal light, enjoying mouthwatering meals, and allowing this place to work it’s magic.

I have developed what we are calling, Journey Within, which will extend across two nights/three days, starting and ending in Taos. Journey Within has transformed into a woven travel experience with native ceremonies, gourmet meals, active adventures and comfortable accommodations.

I believe we are the only tour provider bringing all the glamping luxuries to you, in order to transiently explore the hard to reach remote locations.

Thus, you’ll sleep in luxurious canvas bell tents, allowing us to take care of the journey and what’s up ahead. Providing space for you to relax, but to also experience unique opportunities to flourish through adventure, exploration and nature.

I’ll guide you on your journey to CONNECT to the earth, water and sky. To focus on your breath and deeply BREATHE in the clean fresh air, while doing outdoor yoga. To ENERGIZE on the hiking trails that meet at the merger of the mystical Sangre de Cristos, the Rio Grande Valley and New Mexico’s Colorado Plateau. To INDULGE in the organic yet lavish elements of farm to table crafted meals and luxurious glamping tents.

While your intention will be to receive, slow down, be inspired, and nurture yourself through Taos’ wild environments.

Journey within – we take you out, to tune in and go beyond.

We know Taos will touch you, inspire you, and make you surrender to her higher, unspoken but deeply felt, calling. And that is exactly why we developed this glamping experience because we want you to experience the way we live, as well as know and surrender to the mythical magic of Taos. If you want to bask in the magic of Taos, NURTURE and ENERGIZE yourself in the resplendent outdoors, CONNECT to your body and your soul, and INDULGE in good fun with luxurious surroundings, then this tour is for you!


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  1. Sheila Espinoza

    I really enjoyed reading this Angelisa. It took me away and helped me imagine what it would be like to go on an adventure in Taos and seeing the sunrise and set. And experiencing the scenes of Taos I look forward to our next visit!!

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