Eat Pray Love 3 Day | 2 Night Wellness Retreat

Two Nights & Three Days All-Inclusive Active and Cultural Guided Tour

$1950 per person + tax for shared room | $2500 per person + tax for private room

September Friday 10th – Sunday 12th

Start & End at Inn & Spa at Loretto | Stay at El Monte Sagrado Resort 2 Nights

Guests: 8 ppl min | 12 ppl max

Unveil the Unimaginable!


Our Eat Pray Love Wellness Retreat is a journey of intuitive unearthing, New Mexico’s love letter to you. This retreat is an invitation to come back to your center and create space for a deeper connection into your own inner wisdom. It’s an opportunity to slow down, to awaken the senses and savor a curated sojourn from Santa Fe to Taos. You’ll taste New Mexican flavors, hike and explore the inspiring nourishing landscapes, meditate prayerfully during sound and movement sessions, find solace in historic captivating sanctuaries, explore the storytelling of each region’s living heritage and set loving intentions in local craft making workshops.

Allow yourself to indulge, connect and rejuvenate throughout this 3-day all inclusive offering.  We take care of all of the details including all meals, interpretive guided activities and gear, transportation and discounted hotel reservations at El Monte Sagrado in Taos. The Eat Pray Love tour is fashioned just for your adventurous and curious spirit!

In crafting this tour, our intention is to not only share the highlights that make this region so unique and special but provide the tools for you to go on a self-nurturing, intuitive exploration of self. We integrate New Mexico’s natural elements to guide you through grounding, inspiration, healing and exploration on a wellness journey.

“I want God to play in my bloodstream the way sunlight amuses itself on the water.”

~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Friday, Day One ~ The Grounding of Ancient Earth in Tewa Country Georgia O’Keeffe’s Earth | Let Your Intentions Be Heard

Santa Fe to Plaza Blanca to Taos – Grounding | Planting Seeds (intentions) | Water + Earth

Day one is about grounding and planting Seeds (intentions) for the eat, pray, love tour and it begins with connecting to the mineral earthy elements of New Mexico. You’ll see how dynamic geological forces imprinted this land and learn about the differing layered zones of the Ojo Caliente Valley, Rio Grande Rift Zone, Northern Pueblo regions, and outlying historic villages.

After a scenic drive through Northern New Mexico to O’Keeffe country you will arrive at the famous Plaza Blanca, or “White Palace”. We begin the journey with a traditional Sage blessing and grounding ceremony by Valarie among the majestic white sandstone cliffs to create balance and connect with mother nature. Then Valarie will lead us on an intention setting meditative walk through the breathtaking scenery.

We journey onto the Abiquiu home and studio of local artists Debra Fritts and Frank Shelton where you will be treated to a gourmet picnic lunch provided while enjoying the warm hospitality of our hosts and gaining inspiration from the setting. This hospitable artistic couple moved here from Atlanta after years of life in the city both working and teaching in their field of art. They created a cozy and sophisticated home along the river which provides new inspiration from the natural world for their work. The studio space was an old chicken coop built with WPA money to provide work for those living in the Chama River Valley and now transformed into one of these creative living spaces.

Following lunch we journey Northeast to Taos with a visit to the Taos Bridge and the stunning Rio Grande Gorge. The seventh tallest bridge in the U.S., you’ll behold the spectacular vistas of the Rio Grande Rift created by the river of the same name. The bridge towers 565 feet above the Wild & Scenic free-flowing river and boasts great views of Taos. Pick fresh sprigs of sage around these sacred lands in order to make your own personal smudge stick.

Arrive in Taos at our sanctuary for the next two nights at El Monte Sagrado Resort, situated in the mountains of Northern New Mexico offering a serene setting surrounded by waterfalls, ponds, and towering cottonwood trees. The perfectly manicured grounds make this mountain retreat an oasis only a few blocks away from the town of Taos’s historic plaza and a soul quenching retreat for our wellness journey.

For this evening’s dining experience we partner with Chef Cristina Martinez, the Executive Chef at El Monte Sagrado Resort, for a unique New Mexican dinner and cooking experience inspired by her Grandmother’s recipes.

Stay at El Monte Sagrado Resort.

Saturday, Day Two ~ Indigenous Culture [Fire]

Connect with Heritage (pueblo) Feasts – Artisans of Taos | Elements + Senses + Local Flavor

Day two centers on connecting with the Heritage of the Native Americans, the artisans of Taos, local foods, and nature. Elements + Senses + Local Flavor

Launch your day’s escapades by going to Taos Pueblo. A World Heritage UNESCO site, the multi-storied adobe buildings have been continuously occupied for over 1,000 years and is one of the oldest inhabited communities in the United States. As we enter the designated lands of the Indigenous community of Taos Pueblo we will be abiding by all COVID protocols Taos Pueblo Tribal Government has set for visitors. As we walk through the thousand year old home of the Tiwa speaking community, take in the historical and present story of the people. We are welcomed into Ilona’s family home located on the south side of the village. Today, the matriarchs of her family will be sharing in the long time tradition of Horno bread baking.

The horno oven, along with grain, most farm animals, and some fruit were introduced to the Pueblo people with the arrival of the Spanish. Although horno baking was an introduced method, the people perfected the art for the process, and of course the baked goods (which are sought after by all friends and family of Pueblo people). Share in this long time tradition of Pueblo families. You will be treated to an authentic traditional lunch homemade with love by Ilona’s mother and aunt.

During the afternoon, you’ll glean an insider’s perspective of Taos’ hidden art gems as you walk the back roads of downtown Taos. Weave in and out of winding alleyways exploring the historical context while you pause to mix with the local art scene and be immersed in the story of the Taos Society of Artists. The overall tour theme illustrates the vibrancy, color and character of the artists who have contributed so much of Taos’ eccentric story. Follow in the artists’ footsteps while we visit a variety of studios, engaging with their inventive creators and appreciating their inspired creations.

You will enjoy a private seated dinner specially crafted by Chef Cristina using ingredients inspired the by local agriculture and the long standing traditions of the region on the De La Terra Patio. After dinner we gather around the fireplace at the Taos Lawn on property to stoke our connection to the local Taos Pueblo living heritage hosted by the Director of Taos Pueblo, Ilona Spruce. Following dinner we have an inspirational evening of fireside stories about life on the pueblo hosted by Taos Pueblo Director of Tourism, Ilona. As we reflect on what we took away from the day’s cultural weaves, we slow down and reflect on the ancient wisdom of our ancestors. Ilona will navigate the warmth of her culture and traditions. Marvel at the fire element to spark dialogue that travels your curiosities and grounds you into the hospitality of our ancestral and modern peoples of Taos Pueblo.

Stay at El Monte Sagrado Resort.

Sunday, Day Three ~ Heal and Reflect

We begin our last day with a grounding ceremony. Then we continue our journey along The “High Road” through the Sangre de Cristo mountain range between Taos and Santa Fe traversing awe-inspiring scenery while also providing a glimpse back in time. Leaving our sanctuary of El Monte Sagrado Resort, you will travel through the aromas of ponderosa pine, aspen, pinon, and cedar groves as we climb upward into Carson National Forest. Here we will take in the healing of these old growth trees adorned with lichen indicative of the clean air and be guided with a tuning fork ceremony on a forest bathing journey with Valarie.

Immersing ourselves in the forest of Amole Canyon, allowing nature there to further relax our minds while practicing the art of Forest Bathing. Forest Bathing-Shinrin-Yoku is known for its positive effects in retaining a healthy body and mind. We will be focusing our attention and awareness while contemplating answers and connections to this sacred site. We will end with a short “nature notes” sound meditation to close our time there.

We make a detour at El Santuario de Chimayo, a traditional historic adobe shrine. Considered a very sacred place, it is said to offer holy dirt with healing properties for the lame and sick. Every Easter the shrine inspires thousands of Catholics on a walking pilgrimage, some starting as far away as 90 miles South in Albuquerque.

Upon arrival in Chimayó, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back into another age as you enter the traditional adobe shrine of Santuario de Chimayó, a sacred shrine built between 1813 and 1816 that reputedly houses holy healing dirt. You’ll see abandoned crutches and braces strewn around the chapel testifying to the pocito’s, or the small hole of dirt’s curative powers. Every year during Easter’s holy week, as many as 50,000 pilgrims voyage to the chapel for Good Friday, thus colloquially giving it the name of the “Lourdes of the Southwest”.

After stopping at a few of the best shops for traditional weavings, we’ll have lunch at Rancho de Chimayó. The two official state vegetables, pinto beans and chile, permeate this traditional delicious cuisine because special seed varieties and their corresponding recipes have been passed down through many generations.

We say goodbye at the Inn & Spa at Loretto culminating our experience together with a closing fire ceremony.

What’s Included in Your Journey

Comfortable transport pick-up & drop off at Inn & Spa at Loretto in Santa Fe

Luggage delivery service at resort

Expert All Female Guide Team

Gourmet Meals including breakfast, lunch & dinner

Accommodations at El Monte Sagrado, Taos

Heritage Inspirations Insulated Aluminum Water Bottle

Heritage Inspirations Canvas Glamping Drawstring Tote

Heritage Inspirations Canvas Tote with Local Travel Snacks

Travel Journal

Earth Vessel with Intention Scroll

Entrance to Plaza Blanca

Artist Studio Tour in Abiquiu

Horno Baking Experience In Taos Pueblo Local Guide

Guided meditations + Movement Sessions

Taos Artisan Walking Tour

Daily Snapshots for your Tour Itinerary

Discounts on your Pre & Post Hotel Accommodations at El Monte Sagrado Resort

“One must always be prepared for riotous and endless waves of transformation.”

~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Eat earthy goodness and native spreads, pray and play with elemental earthy substances in sacred spaces, and love the nurturing exploratory time you’ll give yourself on this tour! This is a time for you and a time of joyful self-care. Let us pamper you while you embrace the abundance of art, intuit earthly messages, and bask in the outdoor glory of Northern New Mexico. This intimate, immersive and all-inclusive journey will be truly special and memorable.



Valarie Budayr
VALARIE BUDAYR is the founder of the Mongata Foundation as well as an award winning author, publisher, and composer. She is an impassioned teacher and sound therapist, guiding others towards self-discovery and self-healing through the principles of sound, myth, connection with nature, inner traditions, depth psychology, and wisdom practices. Valarie was born in the US but firmly embraces her ancestral heritage of the island of Gotland, Sweden. She incorporates the North Karelian traditions and culture into her sound healing rituals. With over 31 years of teaching experience, Valarie invites her students, and clients into immersive explorations of the self. She believes that each person is capable of their own healing. Her mission is to share the beauty and wonder of the world, inspiring and empowering people into their best and fullest selves.

Ilona Spruce
ILONA SPRUCE is the Director of Taos Pueblo Tourism and a Taos Pueblo tribal member. Growing up within the Taos Pueblo community, she has always aspired to continue to learn and absorb the balance between maintaining tradition and living with today. As a mother there is an innate responsibility to her children and the world around her to continue to maintain the culture and traditions of her grandmothers and grandfathers. This is reflective in her career. Tourism is definitely a balance in a community like Taos Pueblo, but it is also a tool to teach. Educating tens of thousands of people about Indigenous communities and the very fact that Indigenous people are very much alive in this country is definitely motivation. Finding unique ways to educate without exploiting is most important to her. Working with Heritage Inspirations nurtures and supports these initiatives.

Angelisa Murray
ANGELISA MURRAY is the Founder and CEO of Heritage Inspirations. She spent over nineteen years of her life as an active travel guide for a variety of premiere adventure companies exploring and wandering all over the world, and yet no matter where she went, New Mexico always called to her. She explains, “This is my home and after spending years excavating and learning from this wild place of heritage, culture and natural wonder, there is no greater inspiration to me than to share it.” Angelisa focused on developing tours that are about unveiling the other truths that are often not known or seen, like the wild diversity of over 10,000-foot mountains saturated in aspens, pines and wildflowers in rich green meadows, while only 30 miles to the west the land is painted in oranges, pinks, reds and whites. Monumental rocks and earth are layered and stacked, eroded and split open, just awaiting the artist’s canvas and your own transformative encounter with the Land of Enchantment. There is so much to share here it’s inspiring!



Chef Cristina MartinezCHEF CRISTINA MARTINEZ, the Executive Chef at El Monte Sagrado Resort, offers a unique dinner and cooking experience. This Native New Mexican has been cooking all of her life. She opened her own catering company at 18 years old and went on to augment her skill set studying at Le Cordon Bleu in California, where she graduated with honors. She then brought her talents back to New Mexico where she worked in Albuquerque before settling in Taos. Her culinary influences were mostly nurtured by her maternal grandmother’s amazing cooking. Her grandparents had a beautiful farm in the south valley of Albuquerque and the family ate fresh meat and produce from the farm. “Every day she had stacks of homemade tortillas, beans and some kind of chile with meat. She was always ready for anyone just stopping in. I will never forget how special that was and how amazing her cooking was,” remembers Martinez.



Just three blocks from Taos Plaza, El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa offers a secluded yet indulgent sanctuary. In harmonious coexistence with its natural setting, their Taos luxury spa and resort is surrounded by towering mountains and rustic high desert, sunlit, fish-filled streams, tropical flora and the sounds of calming waterfalls. Guests are inspired by the nurturing ambiance and mystique of their luxury Taos Mountain rooms.

The Inn and Spa at Loretto, is a boutique, luxury Santa Fe hotel that celebrates the authentic Southwestern style and culture of New Mexico. Iconic adobe architecture reminiscent of the famed Taos Pueblo welcomes you. Featuring 136 well-appointed suites and guest rooms, including a Penthouse suite, an award-winning spa, casual fine dining, and a year-round heated garden pool, as well as many unique onsite galleries and boutiques. Ideally located in the heart of downtown, just one block from the historic Santa Fe Plaza, Palace of the Governors, and Canyon Road arts district.



“If you are looking for a way to see and experience New Mexico ‘up close and personal’ with a local, then book an adventure/tour with Angelisa of Heritage Inspirations! Having grown up in CO, lived in NM for 14 years, and now living in AZ, I have enjoyed some great outings. They pale, however, in comparison to the itinerary that Angelisa so meticulously engineered. I am so thankful I came over from Scottsdale to join my friends in Santa Fe and Taos.”

~ Barbara Scottsdale, AZ

“Four of my girlfriends and I embarked on a tour of Historical Taos, New Mexico with our guide and owner of Heritage Inspirations, Angelisa. From hiking among ancient petroglyphs, to meditating in an ornately carved sandstone cave, to sitting down to a Native Pueblo lunch. We are all from New Mexico, yet the experience was so ‘otherworldly’. It was an all-inclusive tour, so we literally didn’t have to think. Angelisa did all the thinking for us. She was flexible to the needs of the group and provided very healthy, organic meals. She has many years of experience in this field, which makes for a smooth trip. My girls and I are more bonded having shared this magical, mystical experience together. We’ve been home for 5 days now and we are still talking about it! Don’t think about it–do it!”

~ Rebecca Long

“We are all still on a natural high from our Eat.Pray.Love. Tour and I know I can speak for all of us when I say that while the places we visited and the people we met were wonderful, we truly owe our weekend’s incredible success and positive experience TO YOU ANGELISA, OUR AMAZING TOUR GUIDE. YOUR knowledge, attention to detail, customer service, nurturing soul and incredible zest for love and live is poured into everything you do and we benefit from that. Not only is the Eat. Pray. Love. Tour a unique one-of-a-kind tour because of the highlights you have put together, but it is and always will be a unique and one-of-a-kind experience because you are the tour guide. You have found a place and a space to use your gifts and it is rewarding for you I am sure as much as it was a blessing to all of us.”

~ Paige

Our mission is to provide you with an inspirational and immersive experience that elevates your sensations, palate and spiritual encounter with the diversity of the Land of Enchantment! From the moment we meet and start our tour together, your guide will take care of your every need or request. We offer you all the details, timing, what to expect and all information necessary to prepare you for each day and activity.

With small groups we are able to really focus in on each participant and engage every interest you have along the way. Our tours are designed to provide an unforgettably extraordinary opportunity exploring and discovering the regions highlighted so that you walk away feeling a personal relationship with the people and places visited.