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Travel evokes the soul with enriching opportunities to awaken your senses. It reignites adventure inside us that we often tuck away in our day to day lives. Northern New Mexico is rich with colorful topography etched by volcanic weathering, bold geological forces and the multi-faceted cultures imprinted across our diverse landscape. It’s nearly impossible to take culture out of the exploration of this textured sacred earth. There is an unspoken magic here, a subtlety woven through the arroyos, the mountain ranges, historic cathedrals, quiet pueblo villages and lush forests that invigorates with inspiration.

After several years spent traveling myself, not only as a passion, but also as a career, guiding active and cultural tours across many regions from Alaska to New Zealand I become a seeker of unearthing memorable experiences. I remember reading the book Eat Pray Love while backpacking in Thailand and thinking what a brilliant opportunity to build a whole travel experience that would illuminate eating, praying and loving each place uncovered in that region while “searching for one’s own best self” throughout the myriad of places and faces.

My vision for our 3-Day all-inclusive Eat Pray Love journey, is to integrate unique and immersive experiences that are artistically crafted to stimulate all sensory glands beyond what you would typically expect from travel. I wish to offer you something spiritual and invigorating as we uncover New Mexicos history, geology, multi-layered culture and art, meeting locals in the intimate setting of their home, taste the spice and learn about our cuisine in the kitchen while embarking upon adventure that feeds the soul.

I love to travel. There is no replacement for how it feels to quench that wanderlust within me and experience a new region. I also love returning to places I’ve visited and seeing it in a whole new way. Whether this is your first time to New Mexico or you’ve been traveling here for years, I invite you to join me this year on one of our Eat Pray Love tours. This will be like nothing you’ve experienced yet. Here is a taste of the journey:

Day One ~ A Day in Northern New Mexico Sanctuaries~

Santuario de Chimayo Church

North of Santa Fe we make our way to the historic village of Chimayo, a sacred place that is said to offer Holy Dirt with healing properties of legends told about miraculous stories curing the lame and sick. The adobe historic shrine of Santuario de Chimayo was built between 1813 and 1816. We also visit Santo Nino de Atocha Chapel was constructed in 1856 to honoring the children of northern New Mexico.
Spark your pallet and tingle your taste buds with the sacred Chimayo Chile tasting of multi-generational heirloom chile blends and enjoy the opportunity to take home the spice of northern New Mexico into your own home kitchen.

Journey into the Windows of the sculpted hand carved Earth Cave Sanctuary to experience the healing sounds of singing bowls and tuning forks filling the space of this dramatic womb camouflaged into the naturally textured hillside. Your scenic hike into the cave offers breathtaking views of the arid volcanic tuff landscape among the peppered juniper and piñon pines. This is a meditative and serene experience will allow be followed by a gourmet picnic on the beautiful outdoor terrace.

Making our way to Taos, we cross the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, the seventh tallest bridge in the US towering over 565ft above the Mighty Rio Grande with steep basalt walls offering dramatic views located in the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument. These breathtaking views at the center of the monument we witness the tremendous geological forces of thick lava flows that cut into the Rio Grande Rift Valley and makes up the Taos Plateau. One of New Mexicos best photography opportunities with the Taos Mountains rising up out of the earth housing Wheeler Peak, our tallest peak in the state.

This evening savor a decadent meal in the private Wine Room in De La Tierra Restaurant featuring Chef Cristina Martinez.

Tonight’s Accommodations are at the tranquil, luxury, adobe resort El Monte Sagrado in Taos

Day Two ~ The Colors of Taos ~

Start your morning with a visit to a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Taos Pueblo to immerse yourself into an intimate exploration of this bucolic village with your guide and the Director of Tourism for Taos Pueblo. This exclusive and extensive experience of the pueblo will you give you a taste of the soul within these ancient adobe structures over 1,000 years old. On this tour you will have a deeper understanding and connection to the history, culture and people of Taos Pueblo. Discover where Taos got its name from the Tiwa language meaning “Red Willow” and listen to the stories about the historical and modern context of these peoples. Learn about the Rio de Pueblo and Rio de Lucero that flow from sacred waters high in the mountains above the Pueblo that provide a life-source for natural foods that nurture the people of the Pueblo. Following your tour enjoy a homemade picnic lunch on Taos Pueblo land under a shady portal.

San Fransisco de Asis Mission
This afternoon we visit New Mexico’s most photographed church and a favorite subject for Ansel Adams, San Francisco de Assisi Mission Historical Landmark built between 1772 and 1816 supervised by the Franciscans. Boasting buttresses as thick as seven feet thick and two front-facing bell towers.
We then journey to the home of Anita Rodriquez, a Taos local artist in her hand built adobe home to indulge the art of tamale making. She will share a recipe for tamales passed on in a family that has lived on this Indian land for 300 years. In her cookbook Coyota In The Kitchen, she pays tribute to the long line of cooks whose food sustained generations, women at whose tables history was passed on and families were united. She jokes, “Latinas can’t distinguish between love and food. We can’t help it.”
Tonight’s entertainment by the fireside is a special flamenco dance performance by Catalina Fernandez with live flamenco guitar on the portal of Anita’s home following dinner. Definitely a highlight of your Taos experience!

Tonight’s Accommodations are at the tranquil, luxury, adobe resort El Monte Sagrado in Taos

Day Three ~ The Rio Grande Road to Santa Fe~

Journey to the edge of the Rio Grande and join our Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) guide in Pilar. Whether you’re a novice or an expert we will enjoy this stretch of river for all levels alike. Enjoy the meditative paddling up river while listening to the sound of the current and the vibrant birding along the banks.
For those who would choose not to SUP, enjoy a meditative yoga class will be offered alongside the rivers edge.

Vivac Winery Taos Day Tour
After you’re quenched by the river we shuttle to Vivac Winery to learn of the oldest vines in the country brought here by the Franciscans. Nestled below Barrancas Blancas Mountain in Dixon, we tour and wine taste learning about Vivacs 18 year story and the only wine making using 100% New Mexico grapes. Vivac, a Spanish term meaning “high-altitude refuge” is a family love affair of handpicked New Mexican grown grapes known by Wine Enthusiast Magazine as the Highest Rated Red Wine Producer in New Mexico’s History. Pair your wines with a decadent and delicious picnic made by your host.

Complete your tour in Santa Fe with a your guide exploring the highlights of the City Different. Experience the mystery of Loretto Chapel, the infamous Canyon Road saturated by art galleries, the living market under the Palace of the Governors’ portal, and the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi. Come full circle across three days from Santa Fe to Taos and saying our farewells at the Hotel St. Francis in Santa Fe.

Tamale Cooking Class
Vivac Winery Tasting & Pairing Gourmet Picnic
Dinner at De La Terra Restaurant featuring Chef Cristina Martinez

Santuario de Chimayo
Santo Nino de Atocha Chapel
Windows of the Earth Cave Sanctuary & Sound Healing Session
San Francisco de Assisi Mission Church
Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi

Taos Pueblo UNESCO World Heritage Site
Live Flamenco Dance & Guitar
SUP on Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument
Santa Fe Walking Tour
Stunning scenery

Heritage Inspirations Eat Pray Love Tour is sculpted with years of experience in the New Mexico region and development of unique travel excursions. It’s mindful to offer something truly “extra” “ordinary”, off the beaten path and an opportunity to dive deeper within your own connection to this sanctuary of New Mexico. From the moment we meet and start our tour together your guide will take care of your every need or request. We offer you all the details and information necessary to prepare you for each day and activity. With small groups we are able to focus in on each participant and engage every interest you have along the way offering a more personal experience. Our tours are designed to provide an unforgettable opportunity exploring and discovering the regions highlights so that you walk away feeling a personal relationship with the people and places visited. We journey from Santa Fe to Taos across three days painting the canvas with vivid scenery, delicious cuisine and cultural and historical highlights built with mud, straw and water. Here is a glimpse of the Eat Pray Love experience.

They say that traveling makes you a great storyteller. We promise that after experiencing our three day immersive Eat Pray Love Tour, you will have many memorable and vivid stories to share!

To learn more about the available dates, pricing and tour details please visit our tour page.

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