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I can’t say how many moments of inspiration traveling I’ve had in this past week. Sharing Taos and all of it’s vast, diverse and calico colors infused with layers of basalt, sand, volcanic tuff, mountains, rivers, water, sage and sanctuary. I spent two days immersed in Ra Paulette’s earth caves that evoke mystery, spirit, and solitude carving into volcanic tuff and multi-layered sandstone that was once submerged beneath the sea floor. The stories lie within the the etching of the walls that seemed mostly meant to be held within the cave, creating a space for transformation. There were moments of awe, of devotion, of connection and soul shaking scenery that illuminated for me such gratitude for this opportunity I have to ignite simply inspiration into others as they experience New Mexico on my tours. Watching my guests faces, emotions, reactions, and listen to their impressionable moments that pluck at the heart of travel leaving them with this tangible experience of deeper connection to the places I guide them to is Absolutely extraordinary.

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Hiking to Ra Paulette’s Earth Cave

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The Mighty Rio Grande

The real wonder for me is…this is home. I’m inviting them into my living room so to speak, but making sure there are fresh flowers, a bounty of delicious stories, appetizers of ambient lighting and an amuse of the natural fragrance of Taos with her fields of wild sagebrush. To travel is to shed, to try on and to indulge in the exploration, adventure, discovery and culture of a place. It’s finding comfort in the at first uncomfortable.


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In our element together

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Our greatest joy along the way!

After this weeks tours, I ventured on my own mini-tour with my man and our puppy a few hours north west of Taos. I found myself longing to be guided and absolutely inspired by our scenery and route climbing up to over 13,000ft mountains. Driving into a new terrain peeling back the layers of a new journey invigorated me and had me thinking about my travelers I guide. They seek me out to unveil the best places to visit, to wander and indulge, which creates mores space for the organic enjoyment in leading the experience tuning in to their personal interests and perceptions. To travel is to set our minds free of our ordinary or even extraordinary worlds. We have a new sensory voice that craves something different than when we are at home. It tosses aside often our daily cadence we’ve become so accustomed to. It’s a wonderful place to feel so free, so vulnerable, so childlike that we lay down our guards and try something new. Reading this months Travel & Leisure cover over a cup of coffee, literally made me laugh out loud – “Be fearless. Travel Now.” We don’t need admonishment to travel, all that is required is to have the longing and intrigue in a place, a culture, a cuisine, a voice that invigorates our interest to journey and receive it’s inspiration.

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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

As you listen to the desire of your heart and soul planning your next adventure in a new destination consider turning your interest to northern New Mexico and all the Land of Enchantment organically offers. The places we will go are endless, at different times in the year we have different cravings, or as we read travel blogs, magazines or get inspired by Instagram images the destination(s) evolve. Whatever you do, keep that travel bug within your spirit alive, curious and wildly adventurous! To your next travel journey!

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Our view over 13,000ft on Imogene Pass

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The journey is the destination


  Comments: 2

  1. Wow Angelisa what an inspiration you are. You make me want to go explore and see what our world holds. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey and pictures. I never knew New Mexico has so much to offer!!

    • Angelisa Espinoza

      Thank you Sheila! Our time spent together exploring the Chama River Basin and Georgia O’Keeffe Country was such a wonderful journey shared together! I look forward to sharing more and more of this phenomenal landscape on New Mexico with you on future visits!

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