Messages in the Clouds

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Last night driving home from the big city of Albuquerque to my little town of Taos, the clouds were etched artistically across the sky, the lighting was mysterious and almost romantic. Clearly the monsoon rains had already unleashed their abundance across the wild mesa of sagebrush, the aroma was glorious and almost ancient. I felt as though the clouds had messages in them, the past, present and future was written in the creative curves reminding me of the journey, the sense of place and the soulful stretches of connection I’ve shared with this sacred earth for so many years laid out before me like this road. My emotions were billowing and overflowing like the ever-changing cumulus clouds that gave a new story to this whole scene. I had a yearning for travel, for exploration and discovery, to get lost and found on a new journey where that childlike feeling of excitement subsides all your worries and to do lists simply because you are enjoying a breathtaking scene in this inspiring Land of Enchantment. I kept thinking of something Mabel Dodge Luhan had said in the Edge of the Desert…

“…it had been, like a passage through a pink and yellow dream, surrounded on all sides with that day, unmagnetic sand – blue sky staring down and the bright air making everything seem to waver and vibrate around us… In this country everything lives and moves and has it’s being…For the first time in my life I heard the world singing in the same key in which my own life inside me had sometimes lifted and poured itself out. But that had always been a solitary thrill before this. Now the world and I were met together in the happiest conjunction. Never had I felt so befriended. ”

We all have our places that touch our souls, that awaken and crack open our hearts deepening our longing to go deeper with our connection to place. New Mexico never seems to tire for me, there always seems to be more to share, to say, to unveil and listen as she whispers her secrets when I’ve learned to quiet all the voices in my head and tune into her innate wisdom.

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As the flirtatious clouds dance around me and the road takes me closer and closer to home, I realize how blessed I am to be able to share all of this with so many. The inspiration alone from sharing the magic in this simplistic region feeds me and now I extend a personal invitation to you, to come share in this Land of Enchantment with me!

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