El Bosque Chiquito E-Bike Tour | Half Day Agricultural Adventure of the Rio Grande Valley

Every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday 8:30AM – 12PM | 2 pp min & 8 ppl max

$190 per person + tax for party of two or $160 per person + tax for party of three or more

Private, Custom & Group Tours Available

Our E-Bike Tour meets at Heritage Inspirations ABQ Shop located at Hotel Chaco 2000 Bellamah AVE NW ABQ, NM 87104

Do you love cycling and think it’s a great way to explore new harder to reach places? Well, this cycling adventure takes you along New Mexico’s largest river, the Rio Grande, and into the heart of the harder to see agricultural heritage and water management system of Albuquerque’s Rio Grande Valley.

Begin your tour in the center of Albuquerque, founded in 1706, you’ll learn how in those days farmers were given tracts of land (or ranchos) along the Rio Grande’s banks. Our half-day excursion thrusts you into the sights, sounds and smells of a bygone time, as you cycle nearly 6 miles to visit community-based farms and the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park.

The Rio Grande River is the third largest river system in the United States and has a history as rich as the soil it traverses. Her settlers embraced the life-giving waters, deeply rooting themselves in her agricultural heritage, as well as developing an intricate system of acequias to sustain, nourish and grow their bountiful crops.

You’ll visit existing farms that still practice the acequias’ water flow techniques. Plus, you’ll go to the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park to catch an important glimpse of the River’s natural history as well as get an exclusive wildlife viewing of some of the species that calls the “bosque” (a Spanish word for forest habitat) home.

Your next stop is Los Poblanos Inn and Organic Farm, a historic inn and working farm, which was founded in 1934. This dynamic property employs hundreds of years old regional farming practices combined with innovative and modern agricultural technologies.

Onsite at Los Poblanos, you’ll find The Farm Shop and you’ll indulge a decadent lunch to enjoy on the bistro outside tables. Also take advantage of the boutique shop which sells their signature products. Don’t miss their Grosso lavender field, especially when it’s in bloom from mid-June through the end of July. Even when not in bloom though, you’ll love the aromatherapeutic walk through the fields and you may even have the opportunity to attend various workshops or farm demonstrations.

This inclusive E-biking tour introduces the agricultural heritage of Albuquerque and provides the opportunity to experience the rich beauty of the Rio Grande’s bounty, which it has graced its people for hundreds of years. If you’d like to learn about acequia water management and witness historic farming practices while getting some biking exercise, then book this tour today!

All roads traveled on are paved and only moderately hill like terrain.
Many of the streets are narrow so riding safely and alert is very important.



Comfortable E-Bike, with guided interpretive and educational experience

Optional Tour Guide Headset & Receiver for listening to your guides interpretation while on tour

Rear Trunk Bike Bag to hold personal belongings

Water Bottle Cage to hold your personal water bottle

Safety Reflective Triangle Bike Helmet