Tamale Cooking Class Tour

10AM – 1PM | $125 per person

Available Every Last Friday of the Month

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There is a Mexican saying, or dicho, that goes,
“Al que nace para tamal, del cielo le caen las hojas.”
“To one who is born to make tamales, the husks fall from heaven.”

Tamale Cooking Class Tour

Tamales are America’s oldest pre-packaged slow food. The word “tamale” comes from the Nahuatl “tamalli” – in the language of the Aztecs.  A recipe cannot survive over five centuries unless it is extraordinary. You can’t beat tamales for their flavor, stick-to-the ribs nutritional value, adaptability and practical portability. Every Hispanic country, naturally, wants to claim the distinction of inventing them. But since Mexico is the undisputed motherland of corn, it’s reasonable to suppose that the “tamalli” originated in Mexico.

Join Heritage Inspirations on a tangible and immersive experience to meet Anita Rodriguez of Mexican descent and a Taos local artist, writer and chef. Learn the art of tamale making in Anita’s beautiful adobe home. She will share a recipe for tamales passed on in a family that has lived on this Indian land for 300 years. In her cookbook Coyota In The Kitchen, she pays tribute to the long line of cooks whose food sustained generations, women at whose tables history was passed on and families were united. She jokes, “Latinas can’t distinguish between love and food. We can’t help it.”

Our class will be divided into different stations to experience the many layers of tamale making from the masa to the helotes. Enjoy refreshments in the kitchen, learn of the tradition and put your creative hands to work to assemble your own tamales you will be able to bring home for you and your family!

Now it’s time to savor and enjoy our tamales with an delicious and traditional gourmet lunch on Anita’s romantic outdoor terrace.

Additional Activities are available to add to these itineraries for additional cost. Please inquire with Angelisa Espinoza direct 575.779.5516.