Journey Within A 3 Day Taos Glamping Adventure

2 Night | 3 Day Taos Glamping Tour

Offered Summer August 10th-12th | Fall October 5th-7th


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$849 per person + tax

We meet at 2:00 PM in Taos’ El Monte Sagrado Resort on Day One and return to the same location at 4:30 PM on Day Three.

Taos | Far Away from the Everyday

Often, people attempt to place a finger on what makes Taos special.

  • Is it the glorious landscape with the majestic Sangre de Christo mountain rimmed horizon?
  • Is it the high elevation quality to the air and sky that makes it seem like you can touch the stars?
  • Is it the creative colorful artistic flair that imbues every corner of town?
  • Is it the fragrant sagebrush taking over your senses after a summer monsoon or the prolific rainbows arching across the sky after a good rain?
  • Or maybe it is the long line of native Puebloans and their heritage, who have watched over this ancient plot of land and held true to the old ways, honoring the Earth as well as seven generations of ancient indigenous peoples’ spirits and contributions?

Well truthfully, it’s probably all of that and more. Let us introduce you to our backyard and why we’re so passionate about this place!

Your intention will be to receive, slow down, be inspired, and nurture yourself while exploring her wild environments.

This is your journey to CONNECT to the earth, water and sky. To focus on your breath and deeply BREATHE in the clean fresh air, while doing outdoor yoga. To ENERGIZE on the hiking trails that meet at the merger of the mystical Sangre de Cristos, the Rio Grande Valley and New Mexico’s Colorado Plateau. To INDULGE in the organic yet lavish elements of farm to table crafted meals and luxurious glamping tents.

CONNECT | BREATHE | ENERGIZE | INDULGE in our immersive Taos glamping experience.

Your Two Night | Three Day Overview

DAY ONE | Journey into the Rio Grande Valley

On day one, we’ll meet at 2:00 pm in Taos at the El Monte Sagrado Resort lobby.

We’ll pick you up and drive you out to the edge of the Rio Grande Valley, where you’ll be astounded to see the Rio Grande Gorge in all her glory. This stunning 50-mile-long and 800-foot-deep tectonic chasm literally appears to have fractured the earth and split her in two.


Enjoy the first evening adapting and acclimating to the high desert, above 7,000 ft, in the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument, on the edge of the Rio Grande Gorge Valley. You’ll soak in the sunset with a yoga class, indulge in a nourishing farm to table style meal, and then overnight in a luxury canvas glamping tent among wild fields of sagebrush. In Native American beliefs, sagebrush purifies both spirit and space, so let the fragrant sagebrush saturate your senses and provide some pinon aromatherapy.

Savor. Connect. Indulge the Night Sky.

DAY TWO | Hiking & Yoga in the Rio Grande Valley

We start our day with a hike into the Rio Grande Valley and learn about this dramatic geological rift zone of ancient basalt. As you switchback into its belly, you’ll walk out to the confluence of two major rivers that have sculpted the massive boulders on the river’s edge. Enjoy your packed lunch on the trail next to old growth Ponderosa Pines, with the massive canyon walls echoing the sound of the Rio Grande. Today’s hike sets an intention to immerse yourself in this wild landscape while unwinding from your daily life.

Following our hike, we travel to our glamping camp and enjoy free time with canyon views before a restorative yoga class to stretch any tightness from the hike. Then we indulge in tasty, healthy appetizers and drinks!

Before dinner, you’ll be tasked to collect sage, juniper and piñon to make your own smudge stick. A smudge stick aligns with our Taos pueblo heritage. Smudging or the burning of sacred herbs is a common practice in many healing ceremonies and shamanic traditions and it’s used as a way of purifying and/or cleansing a space of negative energies or influences. This vibrational energy protects the physical and spiritual bodies, while the fragrance releases healing properties, and is often used in ceremonies. Your herbs will be tied into a bundle and allowed to dry to make a “smudge stick” for you to take home.

Savor. Connect. Indulge the Night Sky.

DAY THREE | Stand Up Paddle Board on Lake Abiquiu & Hike in Ghost Ranch

Rise and Shine! Enjoy a morning power breakfast before we set out towards Georgia O’Keeffe Country for our Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) board lesson on Lake Abiquiu. We’ll immerse ourselves in the edge of the Colorado Plateau where the colored earth has inspired so many artisans.

Meet our guides at Lake Abiquiu for our SUP boarding adventure. Enjoy your connection to water while paddling within a landscape rich with color and texture. This is your opportunity to receive energy from the lake as you and your board navigate the placid waters.

Savor a delicious picnic lunch following our Stand-Up Paddle Board experience overlooking the lake. And then, travel to Ghost Ranch for our afternoon hike to Kitchen Mesa where New Mexico was once covered by the ocean, depositing cretaceous shells and gypsum that glistens in the sun. We hike up above the Chama River with views of Lake Abiquiu, looking down to where we spent the morning supping.

Following our hike, we make our way back to Taos for our farewells with a 4:30 pm return at Taos’ El Monte Sagrado Resort.

We know Taos will touch you, inspire you, and make you surrender to her higher, unspoken but deeply felt, calling. And that is exactly why we developed this glamping experience because we want you to experience the way we live, as well as know and surrender to the mythical magic of Taos. If you want to bask in the magic of Taos, NURTURE and ENERGIZE yourself in the resplendent outdoors, CONNECT to your body and your soul, and INDULGE in good fun with luxurious surroundings, then this tour is for you – book now!

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Glamping Experience

What is Glamping?

Glamping is our new passion because it combines remote outdoor experiences, with luxurious camping facilities, so you do not have to forsake pleasure and comfort while experiencing our great, but hard to reach, outdoor locations. It’s a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of the world, like in the Rio Grande Gorge and Valley, without having to sacrifice creature comforts. You can enjoy a fusion of glamour and camping, glamping, while authentically experiencing the most awe-inspiring night sky of the Taos Plateau in a luxurious canvas bell tent, with non-camplike amenities, such as foam mattress on your raised wooden bed-frame, bedside table and butterfly canvas chairs. Glamping in luxury while doing sunset yoga, eating farm to table fresh meals, and connecting within and without – it can’t get much better than that!

Read our recent Newsletter to learn more about our Glamping experience.

All activities are designed to meet you at your level, either expert of beginner. For our Stand-Up Paddle Boarding experience, we join expert guides who will offer you a safe, adventurous and informative opportunity to quickly adapt to your board and paddle.

We invite you to enjoy the views out your luxurious glamping tent, eat healthy decadent meals we prepare for you, sweat and savor the landscape through organized guided yoga, hiking and stand-up paddle boarding.