Floating on Snow

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Winter invites a different kind of discovery. There is a silence to the land that allows us to see things we might not have noticed in other seasons. When the trees and land get covered in white, they highlight and illuminate the texture, form and shapes of nature in such a poetic way. I must admit, that this is one of my favorite times to go out and explore in nature, to bundle up just enough to embrace the elements so that I might discover the diamond sparkle of sunlight cast upon the fallen snow.

The beauty of snow offers an opportunity to adventure in different ways you wouldn’t be able to from Spring to Fall. I love downhill skiing, riding the chairlift up to over 11,000ft in Taos Ski Valley navigating the steep mountainous terrain from one run to the next. I also love the silent walks in the afternoon with my dogs watching them bounce and wrestle together with happy hearts in this light fluffy snow. Then there are those open meadows that have filled in with snow making it ideal to strap on a pair of snowshoes and grab my poles navigating the deep snow with an activity as easy as walking. Without wearing a snowshoe you would otherwise post hole and bury your leg into the depth of the snowpack making for a challenging journey. It amazes me how you can wander deep into the forest on designated trails with snowshoes and access such breathtaking scenery that otherwise would be impossible to explore. If you haven’t tried snowshoeing or if you want a fun activity for the whole family or an outing with friends, join us on a guided tour in Carson National Forest to experience a whole new perspective of winter!


Amole Canyon


How to prepare for a snowshoeing excursion

Snowshoes are a footwear for walking on top of the snow. It’s similar to hiking and snowshoes work by distributing the weight of the person over a larger area so that the person’s foot does not sink completely into the snow, a quality called “flotation”. So there is a feeling like you are floating on top of snow. The best shoe to wear is a waterproof boot and even bringing gators which are durable waterproof protection to sustain harsh weather and to keep and snow from getting into your footwear. Clothing should be layered, with some type of breathable wear like capiline or a quick-wick clothing. This allows your sweat to pushed to the outer layers instead of saturating the clothing making it easy to get cold. One thing to think about is once you get started snowshoeing you will work up a sweat, warm up and most likely shed layers. Wearing a backpack to offer options of clothing as you warm up and cool down is ideal. At high elevations its important to make sure you are drinking enough water and getting enough electrolytes to keep you feeling great and energetic. Make sure to bring warm gloves, a warm hat, waterproof jacket (preferably not a down coat because it doesn’t allow for breathability) sunglasses or snow goggles and most important a smile for being outside embracing one of the best options to soak in the beauty of nature!


Get your snowshoe on!


We offer Snowshoeing tours Thursday through Sunday. We meet at 10am in Taos at the El Monte Sagrado Resort on Kit Carson Road. We transport you up along US Hill into Carson National Forest into the beautiful Amole Canyon tucked back from the road into a winter wonderland of designated snowshoeing trails among the Spruce, Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pines. Along the way we will enjoy a gourmet pack lunch provided by your guide as well as a warm beverage to get your going. For both novices and experienced this terrain is perfect for a fun packed adventurous day. We will provide you with the snowshoes and poles, instruction on technique and guide you through the National Forest.  If you need a waterproof boot we can also help with renting this. Heritage Inspirations has special snowshoeing permits to offer these guided excursions, each guide is certified in First Aid, CPR and Leave No Trace practices. Take all the worry of logistics and unknowns of terrain out of the equation and join an experienced guide to enjoy a marvelous day in the snow! Start your New Year out floating on top of the snow with us!

Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour. ~John Boswell


  Comments: 4

  1. I appreciate all the information you put in this article. It actually answered all the questions I have had about snowshoeing. I have never been and would love to try it out!!

  2. Mary Lane Leslie

    Doug and I think you write so beautifully and poetic. And I want to snowshoe with you soon

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