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It seems perfect timing as the snow falls in Taos this morning to invite a dear friend of mine, Heather Robertson, owner of Bold Arrival, to be this weeks guest blogger. After years of friendship, mentorship, and collaboration we have sculpted both One-Day & 4-Day Retreats starting in 2017 called Stoke the Fire offered here in Taos, New Mexico. We invite you to learn more about these inspirational opportunities to ignite your inner flame and energize the soul!

Winter is officially upon us here in Northern New Mexico

Winter is officially upon us in northern New Mexico. As the stillness of cool mountain air settles in, the desire for warmth and nourishment becomes front and center.  This time of year organically directs our focus within, and the profound element of fire enters our awareness.  In truth, the fire is looking for us.  It demands our attention.  It is our primal desire to be close to it and has kept us alive and energized for nearly 200,000 years in the sense of life on earth.

On a celebrated level our conscious relationship with fire is wild, sacred, natural, mysterious, essential and automatic.  In the beginning fire was for survival and ceremony.  The more we stabilized as a society with fire the more we could begin to reflect upon the power of the flame within.  Fire is symbolic for change, transformation, refinement and development of personal will. The relationship we have with fire is personal and when that relationship is nourished, cared for with follow-through and commitment, much is possible.

We are in the stillness of winter and something is always brewing.  An opportunity with space, adventure and timeless inspiration has materialized; the event called Stoke the Fire has emerged from the partnership of Angelisa Espinoza and Heather Robertson.  Stoke the Fire ignites the heat and energy within to capture the inspiration and essence of what it means to repower and realize ideas with personal clarity and joy.

Stoke the Fire is an experience designed to nourish the soul, energize and revive an empowered connection to fire that can be with you forever.  When stoking the fire both internally and externally it becomes a practice, your energy increases, your joy level naturally heightens and your ability to focus and follow through is seamless.  Bottom line, things happen.  Tapping into the energy, power and desire of fire brings forth the inspiration, insight and connection that many of us crave and yet may not find the time to engage or know how to.

For fire to be profound it needs three things both internally and externally to be effective.  Both need oxygen, fuel and a heat source.  We all need to breathe, we all need fuel and we all need a heat source.  It’s literally all around us and within us.  Weaving the power of fire into our conscious daily life is a game changer and Stoke the Fire is an invitation to breathe life into your confidence, clarity and inspiration, define the fuel you need to maintain it and learn how to keep it bright.

Here’s to the season of quiet repowered action.

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan the flames.” ~Rumi



  Comments: 1

  1. Wow! This is a revelation in that we tend to look to ourselves (or I do) to breathe inspiration into our work….
    I love this vision of seeking those who fan the flames! Working as an artist can be a lonely road sometimes and I tend to work in a vacuum most times. This quote gives me a “wide eyes open” view of my future spiritual transactions! Thank you!

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