Why Do Women Travel?

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Why Do Women Travel? On International Women’s Day, we want to focus on women and travel. More and more women are traveling, whether alone or in groups, and here at Heritage Inspirations we’ve been contemplating what drives this female desire for travel. It’s become a common theme in the travel industry – women are traveling…


Floating on Snow in the Taos Backcountry

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Winter invites a different kind of discovery because of the silence blanketing the ground, allowing us to see things we might not have noticed in other seasons. When the trees and land get covered in white, they highlight and illuminate the texture, form and shapes of nature in poetic majesty. I must admit, this is…


Taos’ Mystical Splendor Inspires an Active Glamping Experience

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Taos’ Mystical Splendor Inspires an Active Glamping Experience All I can see is the wild sagebrush sprawl out across the Taos Plateau. The fragrance invigorates my soul and plucks the wild within me. What I mean is the wild at heart within me, tugging on my soul to travel deeper towards this earth. The mother earth who…


Mother Daughter Taos Adventure

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I love all the connections these days with social media popping up! I met Andrea a true Taosena who now lives with her husband and two kids in Dallas, TX over an Instagram crush. We both kept seeing each others highlights of Taos and it turned into coffee at our favorite spot Coffee Apothecary and…


5 Things That Will Open Your Mind About Chaco Canyon

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When was the last time you traveled off the beaten path into a journey back in time? This weeks Travel Blog is written by our newest addition to the Heritage Inspirations team, Emily Hill. Emily joins us leading our immersive and interpretive Chaco Canyon Day Tours which will be offered every Saturday starting May 27th…


Eat Pray Love Tour is Good for the Soul

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Eat Pray Love Multi-Day Tour

Travel evokes the soul with enriching opportunities to awaken your senses. It reignites adventure inside us that we often tuck away in our day to day lives. Northern New Mexico is rich with colorful topography etched by volcanic weathering, bold geological forces and the multi-faceted cultures imprinted across our diverse landscape. It’s nearly impossible to…


Tamale Cooking Class Tours to Launch in March

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Tamale Cooking Class Tour

In Spanish we say, “Al que nace para tamal, del cielo le caen las hojas.” “To one who is born to make tamales, the husks fall from heaven.” The word “tamale” comes from “tamalli” in Nahuatl – the language of the Aztecs. Only an authentically delicious recipe could endure for 6 centuries. Practical, freezable, portable…


Stoke the Fire

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It seems perfect timing as the snow falls in Taos this morning to invite a dear friend of mine, Heather Robertson, owner of Bold Arrival, to be this weeks guest blogger. After years of friendship, mentorship, and collaboration we have sculpted both One-Day & 4-Day Retreats starting in 2017 called Stoke the Fire offered here in Taos, New…


Special Screening “Awakening in Taos” at our Storytelling Series

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Ok if you missed the Premier screening of Awakening in Taos in Taos you have another chance! Heritage Inspirations and Palacio de Marquesa are hosting Mark Gordon, the director and writer of the documentary about Mabel Dodge Luhan’s life in New Mexico. Mark has been involved in film making all his life, starting in elementary…