Mezcla de Culturas | A Walking Tour of ABQ Sawmill District & Historic Old Town

$75 per person + tax for party of two | $60 per person + tax for party of four or more including entry to the Artechouse

Every Friday 1PM – 3PM | Saturday 9AM – 11AM | 2 pp min & 12 pp max

Private, Custom & Group Tours Available

Tour meets in the lobby at Hotel Albuquerque and ends Hotel Chaco

Mezcla de Culturas means “the mix of cultures” and this immersive and enchanting two-hour walking tour celebrates the history and influence of Albuquerque’s 17th century Old Town’s history neighbored with the vision of New Urbanism’s mixed-use blend of shopping, arts, entertainment and residential.

Your tour winds through the historic Old Town and Sawmill districts, where you’ll have the opportunity to see this mix of old and new influences currently shaping Albuquerque’s burgeoning business center.

Starting with the old, at Old Town’s Hotel Albuquerque, you’ll learn how the founding city was dedicated to Spain’s 10th Duke of Albuquerque: Francisco Fernandez de la Cueva. This neighborhood is peppered with historic adobe buildings, Victorian homes, and modern facades. During our walk, the discussion will focus on how Albuquerque, now spelled with only one ‘r’, has grown over the last three hundred years and bloomed into the city it is today.

You’ll visit sites like Albuquerque’s oldest home, Albuquerque Museum’s sculpture gardens and the San Felipe de Neri Parish. San Felipe de Neri church opened the year of its founding, in 1706, and with a few pauses for rebuilds and renovations, has continually maintained a presence in Old Town Plaza.

Next, you’ll visit the up and coming Sawmill District. Originally occupied by the Frank Paxton Lumber Company, the Sawmill District is being re-envisioned and redeveloped into a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood. An up and coming area with loft-style housing, artist studios and mixed-use building practices; the new Sawmill District celebrates its industrial roots and attracts entrepreneurial thinking. Thereby, innovately mixing the trend toward urban living with New Mexico’s rich industrial past.

As we focus on Albuquerque’s dynamic blend of old and new, you’ll go to an interactive art installation that mixes art and math, reality with illusion, and material with immaterial. Fueled by research in sensory relationships between the human body and digital objects in motion, you’ll be encouraged to touch light rays, step on fields of digital grass, and assemble virtual letters with your breath, thereby creating an immersive sensory encounter and virtual playground for your enjoyment.

With the Mezcla de Culturas tour, you’ll see the living history and mix of cultural traditions through the repurposing of old buildings invigorated with new life as well as celebrate the refined aged character of buildings that have existed here since the early 1700s. If you want to experience this interaction of cultures, art and history, then Albuquerque is the place and this tour is for you!